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You’re NOT Preaching to an Empty Room! | Tara Fitness

You’re NOT Preaching to an Empty Room!

by Tara Fitness
ConvertKit, Email Marketing, Email

Sometimes email can be as confusing as Elton John’s outfits… entertaining, but you’re not entirely sure of the rules.

You see, when you jump into your inbox, bash the ‘compose’ button, tap, tap, tap away at the keys and send a message in a bottle to your bestie… well, it’s simple. You rang, you expect them to answer.

The waters get a little bit murky, however, when you’re building an email list. Suddenly, you’re no longer sending a single paper plane; you’re folding 1000 and throwing ‘em all with one flick of the wrist. Should you expect a response from every delivery?


Here’s why:

There’s 4-5 people whose emails I read religiously, even when they email me multiple times per day. Two of those people know I open every single email because they’re my mentors and we jump on a call every Friday. The others… well, chances are they don’t even know my name. But I keep reading because they shower my inbox with value on the daily.

The moral of the story:

Don’t let a lack of replies convince you you’re preaching to an empty room. Trust me, they’re listening.

Accordingly, don’t let a lack of a decent email system convince you it’s too hard to set up an email list. Instead, go here and start your FREE trial of ConvertKit.

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