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How To Reduce Your Wrist Pain While Typing. | Tara Fitness

How To Reduce Your Wrist Pain While Typing.

by Tara Fitness
Wrist Pain

I lived with chronic wrist pain every single day for more than three years until surgery fixed it. Unfortunately, it wasn’t a long term solution. Here’s how I manage my pain despite spending most of my working life using a computer.

reduce wrist pain
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Fresh outta the Army I picked up a rather cushy government job. Decent money, not a lot of responsibility, boring as f*ck! I spent 7 hours & 21 minutes of every single workday typing.

I know it’s odd that I pretty much do exactly that as a writer. At least now I get to write whatever I want. But, I digress.

You see, it was a data entry job. Needless to say, I got outta there quick smart.

Funnily enough, it wasn’t even the boredom that prompted me to fly the coup. It was the excruciating pain shooting up my right arm day after day.

My average day went a little like this…

  • Wake up with no feeling from fingertips to mid bicep, wishing I could feel my hand;
  • Spend the next hour wishing my arm was still numb because I had stabbing pains in my fingertips;
  • Finally hit ‘full feeling’ about an hour after waking, just as I walked in to work;
  • Spend the morning wishing there was a way to stretch my hand to reduce the stiffness;
  • Spend the afternoon fighting the burning sensation drifting further up my bicep;
  • Go home, go to sleep then wake up tomorrow to do it all again.

I put up with it for three years until I’d finally had enough, and went under the knife. Thankfully most of the pain has gone, but I still struggle with hand and wrist pain at times.

The best way I’ve found to manage it is by using an ergonomic keyboard and mouse. Both are designed to keep your wrist straight, reducing strain and thus, pain. I swear by mine, so much so, I’ll be taking it as carry on when I fly to Australia at the end of the month. I could send it with our stuff, but I just can’t live without it that long.

If you’re struggling with wrist pain because your job is all at the laptop like mine…

First, visit your general practitioner and discuss your medical options. It’s incredibly important you seek treatment from a professional as this is not medical advice.

Then, check out the Microsoft Sculpt mouse and keyboard set to see if it works for you.

US/AU Keyboards → https://amzn.to/2KNjNU0

UK Keyboards → https://amzn.to/2ZjnWCh

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