Why I publish a blog post every workday (it’s probably not why you think).

by Tara Fitness

Recently, I stumbled upon a blog post titled ‘I’m not ready to publish every day’.

If I’m honest…

I don’t feel ready to publish every day either.

That said, last week I wrote this post:

How I publish a blog post a day.’

I wrote about the strategy, process and tools I’ve been using to write and publish a post every workday throughout October.


A good friend often used to say to me:

‘Feel the fear and do it anyway’.

You see, I have plenty of fear around hitting that publish button.

I worry I’ll publish a post packed full of blood, sweat and tears, which nobody reads, leaving crickets chirping in my ears like I’m watching the sunset in the middle of the Australian Outback.

I’m scared of gettings lots of views, shares and resulting comments from trolls that swoop on any interesting post like a seagull out the front of a fish and chip shop.

I fear I’m submitting yet another draft to large publications, completing their application form time and time again, not even getting so much as a polite rejection email.

So why do I still do it every day?

I have a fear of rejection

Like I mentioned above, I’m scared people won’t like my work. I’m worried about being trolled. I get anxious every time I post. But I’m trying to build a career as fitness copywriter. I have to learn how to detach myself from my post once it’s out in the world. Once published, I have to accept that I’ve said my bit, and the opinions of others are exactly that – theirs. I do not have to react to them.

But not reacting is easier said than done, as is not worrying about being trolled in the first place. I figure by publishing 5 times per week, I’m taking 5 steps closer to feeling comfortable with putting my work out into the world for people to read and critique as they please.

I have a fear of failure

My employment history is littered with failures. I’ve failed so many times I even ran out of career choices. This time, I refuse to fail.

I know success is built on the foundations of daily action. After closing my failing online fitness business back in June, I did a lot of soul searching and realised I was trying to be everything to everyone, which meant I was simply drowned out by the crowd. So in learning from my past mistakes, this time around I focus entirely on completing high ROI tasks which will move my business forward. Writing and publishing daily hit my two major objectives:

  • improve my writing skills;
  • make sure everybody knows I write.

I’m creating a habit

I write 500 words per workday. That’s my daily minimum effort.

Publishing every day, and stating publically that I do so, holds me to more than my own motivation and determination. Because some days I just don’t have it. Some days I don’t want to write. On those days, I remember I made a commitment to you, my reader, to post every weekday. It lights my fire when I can’t find a match.

Bonus Prizes

I can’t write a post about why I post every day without touching on the reason many people on Medium post daily.

I have to admit…

→ I like watching my followers count slowly climb. My next goal is 500 followers but I’m secretly hoping I hit the 1k mark soon. I feel like that’s when you know you’ve hit the big time because you’ve got so many followers you need the ‘k’.

→ It pumps up my tyres when people clap for and comment positively on my posts. You probably gathered my self-esteem isn’t exactly built on the strongest foundations right now, so every little bit helps.

→ Every little bit of cash helps too, especially when it’s enough to pay for my Medium subscription. I’m a new freelancer still finding my way in the world, so if Medium makes enough to get outta the house, catch the bus into town and shout myself a coffee once in a while, I’m a happy camper.

So there you have it…

The real, unapologetic and purely selfish reasons why I post on Medium every workday.

What are your reasons?

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