Why I Left MailChimp for ConvertKit.

by Tara Fitness
ConvertKit MailChimp

There’s many a blog post on the www discussing preverences towards MailChimp, ConvertKit and a long list of other email systems. To be honest, I’ve only ever used two. I started with MailChimp and when I found it wasn’t working as well as I liked, I switched to ConvertKit. As a blogger, freelancer and even back when I was an online personal trainer, I’ve felt ConvertKit met all of my needs since day dot.

Here’s the three main reasons why I made the switch.

1. List-Centric VS Subscriber-Centric Systems

MailChimp was my first ever email marketing system. I signed up because it was initially free, and because someone recommended it. But, as a person who had as much of an idea about email marketing as I do about astrophysics, I felt a little out of my depth.

As I always do, I put my head down and figured it out. But plenty of things frustrated me. The biggest being the ‘list centric’ nature of MailChimp. You see, MailChimp runs on lists. If you have multiple interest areas (e.g. fitness, travel and cooking) you have multiple lists.

This doesn’t sound so bad until you realise one person can be subscribed to multiple lists because they’re interested in all of your content, so you’re paying for that person three times.

It’s annoying for them too, because if you choose to send an email to ‘all subscribers’, you’ve just bombarded Lucy from Wagga Wagga with 3 copies of the same email.

Frustrating all around, huh?

That’s why I switched to ConvertKit. The system is ‘subscriber-centric’ meaning each person is on your list once, and you can sort them into segments and tags based on their individual interests.

2. User-friendly… or not.

One of the more frustrating things about MailChimp, in fact, had nothing to do with money or lists or subscribers at all. MailChimp made the #1 most frustrating mistake any software developers can make… the forgot to make it user friendly.

You see, when I plug an email sequence into my email management system, I want to be able to see it all at once. Now I don’t necessarily mean I want to see all the emails on one page, but I do want to be able flick between them instantly.

MailChimp… nope. It’s a convoluted sequence of back and forth to switch between emails. Super frustrating if you realise you’ve got a link wrong or forgotten a full stop on every single email.

ConvertKit, on the other hand, allows you to seamlessly click through an entire email sequence with just one tap of your finger per email. You can update the sequence as you go, then save it all at the end.

The reduced frustration is well worth the effort to switch.

3. Show me the money honey!

Reason #3 might strike you as the most unlikely reason of all. I left MailChimp for ConvertKit because it costs more… I told you it was weird.

The thing is, MailChimp offers a free plan and there’s a lot of freebie seekers out there on the internet. Many people choose it because they simply can’t afford to pay more for their email management system, and that’s ok.

But others choose it because they’re simply not prepared to invest in their business… in the same way that they’d prefer to spam an email list they bought from someone with crappy copy that consistently gets flagged as ‘spam’ by anyone who ventures far enough to read it.

This is a complete guess, but it seems like the MailChimp tracking domain is more likely associated with spam emails (probably because it’s free, and relatively cheap, so it attracts spammers and scammers).

In light of this theory, when I switched to ConvertKit I instantly got a 5% increase in open rates having done nothing different besides switch providers.

No guarantees it’ll work… but it did for me and it was a huge help when I was learning the ropes of email marketing.

Each to their own.

I love ConvertKit because it allows me to do everything I want within my business in a simple and effective way. But when choosing your own system, go with what works for you. Don’t be afraid to try a few different options until you find your favourite.

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