Why 90% of people will NEVER lose weight

by Tara Fitness

I started my business email list in maybe September of 2015 (it’s been a while so I can’t quite remember).

Now I’ll admit, I haven’t always been consistent with sending out new content. There have been times when I’ve sent heaps, and there have been periods where I haven’t sent an email for weeks.

If you’ve been trying to lose weight, you’ve probably found yourself on a list just like mine, having downloaded a free ebook, joined a free course or signed up for a free coaching call.

Think back… How long have you been on the list?

More importantly, what have you done with the ‘free thing’ you downloaded to get onto the list?

Have you read it since the day it arrived in your inbox?

And did you action any of the advice?

Unfortunately, you probably shoved it into a folder and completely forgot about it. There’s probably 15 ebooks just like it in the same folder.

I’m making this educated guess because I’ve got about 50 (yes fifty) business and fitness related ebooks sitting in my iBooks app… many of them I haven’t read more than once, and some I simply skimmed on the day I downloaded them and haven’t opened them since.

Now I gotta say, I’m ok with that. I’m ok with it because I can look back on the last 12 months and confidently list my achievements within my business. More importantly, I can list the content I have taken action on… here’s the list:

– The Online Trainer Academy Certification by Jonathan Goodman

– Precision Nutrition Level 1

– Facebook Advertising Course

– Online Fitness Business Email Course by Sukh Sidhu

Now if I was to pinpoint the reason why I took action on these courses and not on the other content, it’s this:

I spent almost $3000 on these courses.

That’s $3000 to become a better business owner, to build better systems and most importantly, become a better coach for you.

Now there’s an outlier here — you see, I didn’t pay a penny for the OFB Email Course. It was a 7 day challenge run by a mentor of mine, and I completed the course for two reasons:

– His content is amazing, and I knew I was doing myself a disservice if I didn’t take his advice on board; and

– The timing was perfect — I knew I needed to improve my emails and the planets aligned to drop the course in my lap right when I needed it.

Almost 50 other courses/e-books/challenges didn’t find me in the right place at the right time, and I shoved them into a folder, never to be seen again.

The fact is, most people rarely take action on the free information. I’ll be honest, that’s why I’m happy to tell you exactly how I work with my clients. Most of you simply won’t take sustained action unless you have somebody holding you accountable. I know I’m not even selling my coaching, my plan or my advice… I know I’m selling me.

So why won’t 90% of you ever take action?

Because you’ll continue to consume, putting your health and fitness in the ‘I’ll get to it’ basket, and you’ll never actually come back to it.

Instead, you’ll download the next new ebook, watch the next new video or sign up to the next free challenge… never complete it because you didn’t invest a thing… and you honestly don’t care if it rots in the depths of your email account.

And that’s not even a reflection on you, it’s just that there’s so much free content on the internet, it’s overwhelming — we could never consume all the content we intend to consume when we join an email list.

But remember… consuming content does not equal taking action… and simply consuming content will not get you results.

But you know what happens when you put some skin in the game (a.k.a throw your hard-earned cash at something) … suddenly it jumps up your list or priorities because you’re no longer just emotionally invested, you’re financially invested too. Suddenly, losing isn’t just about not achieving your goal… if you don’t do the work, you’re throwing money down the drain too.

So don’t wait for the perfect thing to fall into your lap at the perfect time… it rarely happens. Instead, take control of your health and fitness, take control of your results.

P.S. I don’t know if the true figure is 90%, I guessed. I hope it’s not because I truly hope all of you achieve your health and fitness goals… but I also know that most of you will need some help if you’re going to make it happen.

P.P.S. I apologise if I offended you with this post, it wasn’t my intention at all. If I pissed you off, you’ve got two choices:

  1. Block me, unfollow me and never read my stuff again — an entirely valid choice; OR
  2. Ask yourself why I’ve hit a nerve?

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