What Veganism Can Teach You About Email Marketing.

by Tara Fitness
Email Marketing

Lately I’ve been eating vegan. Not because of an activist mentality, because it’s better for me (is it?) or even because it’s trendy right now. I’m not ashamed to admit, I’ve been eating vegan due to pure laziness. I simply haven’t made the time to go to the butcher for going on 2 months now.

The thing about vegan food is it’s simple. Not simple in a “yeah, that’s because you only eat lettuce” style, but because you take simple ingredients (like fresh, locally grown vegetables) and turn them into incredibly tasty meals.

Just like veganism makes veggies the star, simplifying your email marketing is about making a good story the star.

To entertain your email list, you don’t need a flashing fluorescent green and orange ‘sale’ sign. You don’t need 17 images of your product. And you damn well don’t need to fill each email with X% off banners, so much that you teach your audience learns you’re always ‘on sale’

Instead, veganise your emails.

Like some quality veg oven roasted with salt and pepper; remove the fanciness and get back to basics. An interesting story typed in black on a white page… yeah, that’ll do the trick.

The only other thing you’ll need…

A place to store your list. Constant Contact is the perfect place to start. Their Email plan has everything you need to get started, while their Email Plus plan has all the bells and whistles if you’re a seasoned pro. Tap the banner below to join Constant Contact and get your first month FREE!

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