What my tormented vah-jay-jay can teach you about having the right tools for the job…

by Tara Fitness

Last week on shift with Deliveroo, I was riding along helter-skelter when suddenly… my feet slipped off the pedals, my vah-jay-jay slammed into the top bar and I’m sliding flat footed down the road hoping like hell I’m not heading for a 4-hour date with an ugly nurse and a pair of tweezers at the hospital (if you’ve ever had/seen gravel rash, you know what I mean).

Two hours earlier, during a lull in my shift, I’d ordered a new set of pedals, shoes and cleats for future Deliveroo riding, following a few slippery situations. Unfortunately, no courier in the world delivers that fast… nor fast enough to have my new gear for my next shift either, so I went with the next best option.

I strapped on my road shoes (with cleats that fit my current pedals) choosing to be safer on the bike, but knowing I was at risk of slipping over on any tiled, wet or slippery surface (road riding shoes are not the easiest to walk in).

The shift went reasonably well, to be fair. No more near misses for my sensitive parts, and I was far more confident on the bike (sticking your feet to the pedals will do that). Although, just after picking up my final order of a burger and fries, in front of a packed burger joint, I slipped. I stayed upright, but it was a warning for future shifts.

Thankfully, my new kit arrived before the next shift. Mountain bike shoes with cleats that sit inside the non-slip sole of the shoe, meaning I can walk on most surfaces and can’t even feel there’s a cleat attached to my sole. And they fit… winning!

But… I couldn’t get my old pedals off!!!

Living in the UK, I’ve tried to avoid buying too much cycling gear as I have so much at home in Australia. But it’s insanely frustrating when I know I have something, and it’s half a world away… like my pedal spanner.

So after 3 rounds of a heavyweight boxing match, I conceded defeat and messaged my neighbours for help. Luckily, one had a hex wrench (basically a long Allen key) which made switching pedals easier than baking a cake.

All this hoo-hah made me realise how important it is to have the right tools to complete a job. When you’re trying to swap your pedals and you’ve only got a hammer… well, you’re goin’ nowhere! Sub in a hex wrench (a.k.a. the right tool) and you’re ridin’ high tonight.

My pedal troubles got me thinking about the tools you need for writing. Not the simple ones like pen and paper; I mean skills like speaking to your market like you’re reading their mind.

You can’t just walk into a bike store and buy the tools to write better. Sure you can learn the skills to write better, but it ain’t gonna be quick, simple or without stress.

You can phone a friend though (yours truly, perhaps), and they’re sure to help you out with tools like:

→ blog posts that’ll sweeten up your audience like a bottle of lube sweetens your hoo-ha chain; and

→ emails that fit your audience as snug as a new pair of padded shorts.

If you’re as scared of writing in your business, as I am of slipping off my pedals again, tap this fancy [LINK] to find out how I can help. Soon enough, you’ll find a delivery driver knocking on the door (or your email inbox) with brand-spankin’ content fit for your business.

P.S. The first shift with new pedals was pretty good. I haven’t ridden with mountain cleats for years though, so they’re taking a little getting used to. I’m stoked with the new kit though, I know it’s more comfortable and safer, which means I can ride faster, complete more orders and buy more bike gear.

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