What Gordon Ramsay Can Teach You About Email Marketing.

by Tara Fitness
Email Marketing Gordon Ramsay

Michelin Star Chef Gordon Ramsay is well known for his 35 restaurants worldwide, from London, Las Vegas, Singapore & Dubai. But my favourite Gordon Ramsay experience is sitting on my sofa wearing my dressing gown & slippers, freshly brewed cuppa in hand, watching a marathon of Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares.

Every episode is the same. Stubborn business owners know their business is failing & they’re blaming everyone around them. Gordon saunters in, knocks ‘em down a peg or two, & ta-daa, the restaurant is saved.

As part of the process, Gordon ALWAYS overhauls the menu. The restaurant is serving a tired menu with a hundred different items, putting the kitchen under enormous pressure, effectively bucketing water into, instead of out of the sinking ship.

The menu updates always taste of one flavour – simplicity. And this is the exact lesson you can learn with your emails. You don’t need to send flashy ‘sale’ signs or a carbon copy of your website home page.

Instead, when you write entertaining emails your list can’t wait to read, they don’t bother price shopping when they need your product. They come a’knockin on your door.

If you need help adding a little flavour to your emails, tap here to find out how I can help.

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