Life is not about weight loss; Weight loss is about life!

by Tara Fitness

Quick one today, I just wanted to remind you of something important.

Life isn’t about weight loss…

Weight loss is about life!

If you’re one of those people who goes ALL IN on a new weight loss plan, emptying the cupboards of ‘bad foods’, buying a bunch of expensive ‘health food’, religiously following a meal plan, prepping your entire week of meals, training every spare hour and avoiding social events because you’re on a diet…

Then suddenly your kids need you or something happens at work, so you skip a session or two, and a week later you realise you’ve dropped the bundle entirely…

You’re riding the weight loss roller coaster, and it’s NEVER going to help you achieve your goals.

Any weight loss plan that takes over your entire life, is guaranteed to come unstuck sooner or later.

So, if you’re sick of riding the roller coaster and would like to try something that fits within your normal life instead, start here.

Because I’m all for roller coasters… just not the weight loss kind.

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