This is why you’re the only person who can prioritise your dreams.

by Tara Fitness

I’ll get right to the point:

Everyone else is prioritising what’s important to them.

Your boss wants you to work harder so you meet targets, make profits and keep customers happy.

Your kids want you to take them places, play with them and watch them do their latest trick.

Your friends want to chat with you and spend hours chatting over coffee with you.

And this is all completely ok. In fact, they’re probably activities you regularly choose to do because you want to.

But when your calendar is as packed as the landing schedule at Heathrow Airport, something’s gotta give.

If you say ‘yes’ to every demand on your time and energy, what are you saying ‘no’ to?

Getting fit?

Writing more?

Losing weight?

Building a side hustle?


Nobody else wants what matters to you.

Your best friend would prefer you to come out for drinks than stay home to work on your hustle.

Your boss would prefer you to stay late to land a big client, even if it means you missed the gym for the third time this week.

Because they care about what they want.

It’s not a bad thing. It’s not selfish. It’s human.

As long as you’re dancing to their beat, you’re not making your own.

If you have dreams, you alone have to chase them.

There’s a whole world of distraction and subconscious sabotage working against you. It’s up to you to prioritise what matters and show up for you, every damn day.

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