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They serve ribs with what?!?! | Tara Fitness

They serve ribs with what?!?!

by Tara Fitness

Happy Wednesday (or perhaps Thursday for those of you in Oz). Wouldn’t you prefer it to be Friday? I sure would. But not just any Friday. I’d like it to be last Friday or Friday three weeks from now.

Last Friday, Charlotte came home from work early so we jumped at the chance to catch happy hour at a local cocktail bar. I’m not much of a drinker. In fact, I’m generally happy to raise my hand when the call for a designated driver goes out. But, since I’ve stumbled upon some incredible variations of the classic martini, you can take your keys back sunshine.

I started with a Porn Star (Passionfruit), backed up by a Toffee Apple, all washed down with the tastiest Espresso Martini in town. But alas, 3 cocktails in less than a couple of hours is a recipe for disaster. As I said, I’m a lightweight, so the next logical step is always food.

We decided to try the new American diner in town. On our last trip to the farm shop they were all outta ribs, so I’ve been hankering for a rack of baby backs since then. Enter American Diner with a crazy new menu including nachos topped, maple & walnut, and chilli chocolate ribs. Sounds tempting huh? I’ll admit, I went for the traditional bbq glazed this time around, but I’ll certainly be back to work my way through the menu.

But this email isn’t even about the ribs.

I want to talk about the fact that we went out at all. You see, happy hour at the cocktail bar runs 4-6pm every Monday to Friday. Unfortunately, the earliest Charlotte ever gets home from work is 5.30pm, except one Friday in four, where she works a half-day and walks in the door around 1.

Every 4th Friday, we make it a habit to go out for dinner and spend some quality time together. We start talking about it no later than Wednesday, and by the time she drags herself outta bed at stupid o’clock on Friday morning, we know exactly what we’re doing that evening. It’s almost always a variation of drinks dinner; sometimes we catch a movie.

What we choose to do, doesn’t matter. What matters is we both value that time, and we make an effort to plan it in advance. It’s not spontaneous. But here’s the thing… Charlotte has often just finished 12 days in a row. She’s wrecked by the time she gets home. She could veg in front of the tv all arvo. It would be all too easy to order a takeaway and watch Netflix all evening. Instead, she often has a nap then a shower, and we get ready to go out.

Why? Because I work from home, and outside of my 3-4 training sessions per week and the odd visit to a cafe midweek, I sit here and do my work.

If we didn’t plan our monthly date night…

If we didn’t have a rule that we must leave the house for at least one day each weekend…

I’d be a hermit… and I’d be a hypocrite for emailing you about self-care every week.

So if you’re not making time for self-care yet, see this as your metaphorical kick up the backside to pick a day or a date, and start planning now. Then make it a habit to make time for what matters to you.

If you’ve already got a plan like this in place (or even if you’ve just created one in your head), tap the ‘contact’ button and let me know what your Friday night looks like.

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