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The #1 Reason You Should Start Building a List Now. | Tara Fitness

The #1 Reason You Should Start Building a List Now.

by Tara Fitness
Email List, ConvertKit

If you’re building an online business and you don’t have an email list, you’re building your castle on a foundation of quicksand.

Let me explain…

Back when social was a baby, Twitter was the coolest bar on the block and everyone had a free pass (not just celebrities).

A few years ago, Facebook was a lead generating dream. Some say it still is, but it’s not so simple to get quality leads for a gold coin these days.

Lately, Instagram has been the place to shine a light on your talent.

But you can’t keep avoiding the big, black cloud handing over your head, threatening to dump it’s load on your business.

You see, these platform owners care about their users. You know, the ones who scroll mindlessly, liking, sharing and tap, tap, tapping ‘till their heart’s content. They want these people to keep coming back, so the algorithm shows them what they want to see – more from their friends and less from businesses (like you).

This means you have to pay to play… and it’s only getting worse.

Enter, the email list.

Sure, you’ve gotta build it. But once people hand over their deets, you’re sliding into their email inbox as often as you like without any gatekeepers in sight.

Here’s where I store mine.

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