Success Isn’t About How Much Money You Make. It’s About…

by Tara Fitness
Email marketing, success

When you break out the parchment & quill to pen a new email for your list, what’s your ultimate goal?

Make sales?

Get subscribers to share something?

Ask them to read your latest blog post?

OR is it to help?

If it’s any of the former, you need to put the quill back on the ink pot & take a second to think.

You see, while it’s important to bring in the $$$ to put a roof over your head & food on your table, there’s one thing that’s more important (that’ll make sure the $ come rollin’ in without more than a simple ‘ask’ at the bottom of each email).

What’s more important than money?

Respecting your subscribers time!

Every time you drop a wax sealed envelope in an inbox, you’re asking for a dash of a limited resource – TIME. Respect it by providing value (entertainment, tips or solutions to problems) every time you put a letter in the mouth of your carrier eagle.

The ultimate benefit to you is that, by valuing your subscribers & respecting their time, they will value you & your business.

The $… well, they sort themselves out.

If you need a little help to create emails dripping with value like the wax stick drips onto the back of the envelope, tap here.

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