Social media is your business’ mortal enemy.

by Tara Fitness

“Being in good shape is super basic. Eat well and exercise. The problem isn’t the thesis. The strategy is not the problem. The problem is cupcakes are fucking delicious”.

– Gary Vaynerchuck.

Never afraid to pull punches, it’s another stellar line from Gary Vee.

He’s right too.

Cupcakes are delicious.

You know what’s also as appealing as a fresh baked vanilla cupcake with chocolate frosting and sprinkles?

Social media.

You know the white number in the little red circle hovering above the social media icons on your phone? They release the same feel-good hormones as eating cupcakes. Now, this is totally fine if you’ve got time to kill. But giving in to social media as a business owner is akin to eating a box of cupcakes when you’re on a diet.

Cupcakes and social media happen when you choose instant gratification over long-term achievement. Now instant gratification isn’t even so bad… after all, the cupcakes will be tasty. But if you’re trying to build an online business, instant gratification is your mortal enemy.

→ Are you spending most of your day flitting between social media platforms, posting, commenting, sharing and ooh a video of a cute puppy…

→ Do you get to the end of your day and hang your head in shame because your to-do list is longer than it was this morning?

→ Perhaps you get to your planned knock off time, but because you achieved nothing today, you chain yourself to the chair until your partner threatens to get the bolt cutters?

If social media is your full-time job, who’s baking the cakes in your business?

Can’t find the baker? It’s time to reassess.

Inside my stress-free success blueprint, I’ll show you how to identify which 2-3 social media networks are best for your business. Rather than baking every flavour of cake and hoping they’ll sell, then gorging the leftovers at the end of each day to make yourself feel better…

You’ll learn your audiences favourite flavour and bake the best damn vanilla cupcake with chocolate frosting and sprinkles to ever touch the taste buds of your market.

With more interest, more leads and more time on your hands to bake, you’re well on your way to stress-free success.

When you download your copy of (free) The Stress-Free Success Blueprint for Online Business, you’ll also learn:

→ Which social media networks have a high-ROI for your business (a.k.a. where you should be spending your time); and

→ Where your ideal client puts their feet up (a.k.a. where you should be posting your reading material).

Enter your details below to order your (free) chocolate frosted success recipe.

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