People who say “it’s easy to make money online” are lying.

by Tara Fitness

My blood is boiling like a witches cauldron right now.

Why? I’ve just seen another self-righteous upstart post this:

‘It’s easy to make money online’.

No! It’s fucking HARD!!!

I know I went the long way around, taking more than my fair share of wrong turns. But I committed to online business almost 2.5 years ago and I’ve only just starting to make money.

Am I proud of my failures? No, of course not. But in hindsight, I understand they were an integral part of my development as a business owner. At the time, they almost tore me apart.

So for those of you who are struggling away, improving one baby-step at a time, keep on keeping on. If you stick with it, implement the lessons you learn and keep doing the work, it will happen eventually.

Here’s what it took for me to make money online…

–> Failing so hard I’d rather eat shit for dinner than fail again. (And trying again anyway because I’m dedicated to creating a life of freedom for Charlotte and I).

–> Spending a large chunk of my future house deposit – more than enough to install a high spec kitchen – on self-education, systems, marketing and a laundry load of things I didn’t need. (So I can learn to be a better online business owner).

–> Working more hours per week than Charlotte and I would work combined if I had a ‘real job’, for zero – yep you read that right – zero $$$. (Because I’m determined as a raging bull at a bullfight to make this work).

–> Opening the bird cage that is travel and watching it fly away, despite having the incredible opportunity to live on the doorstep of Europe for 2 years. (Because every day I choose to keep struggling forward rather than get a job and make a quick buck. I choose our future over instant gratification).

–> Spending a dinner date with the devil at rock bottom, and accepting it was time to close my fitness business even though I felt like I was proving right the people who told me I couldn’t do this. (So I can reset, refresh and make a better plan).

After years of failing forward, I’m finally seeing a little success.

It’s been a tough few years. Would I change it for the world?

Hell no! Because I’ve learned who I am and most importantly, what truly matters to me. And those things are well worth fighting for. I can honestly say I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

More importantly, when I have created a castle out of the rubble… when I prove to my critics that I can do this… I will hold my head up high, because I believed in myself, did the work and created my own freedom.

If you’re sick of:

  • working till your eyes bleed and your hands are red raw (because your to-do list looks like the conveyor belt in a hot-dog factory);
  • inhaling your food so quick it doesn’t even touch the sides (because less eatin’ time is more workin’ time);
  • skipping date night, the kids’ school presentations, training, family events – hell anything you enjoy (because you’re shackled to the fence like a protestor at a bulldozer convention); and
  • feeling like a complete and utter failure (because working so hard you spill your guts on the floor still isn’t good enough);

tap the link below to grab your copy of ‘The Stress-Free Sucess Blueprint for Online Business Owners. Inside you’ll find the plan I used to go from drowning business owner (in work and debt) to calm, productive and successful. PLUS…

→ Discover which way is up (because hard work ain’t helping if you’re just digging deeper);

→ Identify what you’re fighting for (because hard work ain’t worth it if you don’t have a destination in mind);

→ Understand when it’s time for smoko (because hard work will kill you and your business if you don’t take a break).

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