Online Trainer Academy Review: 12 Months On

by Tara Fitness

It’s been almost 12 months since I completed Jon Goodman’s Online Trainer Academy and about 16 months since I purchased the course and started implementing the strategies.


I reviewed the course when I graduated – read my initial review here.


When I joined the Online Trainer Academy, I had hopes of becoming a successful Online Trainer…


Things have changed a little since then. But I’m still utilising the strategies I learned in the Online Trainer Academy every day.


Here’s my Online Trainer Academy Review: 12 Months On (Video).

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Online Trainer Academy Review: 12 Months On (Transcript)

Hey Guys. Tara Fitness here. Formerly of Tara Fitness Personal Training. Today I’m here to talk to you about the Online Trainer Academy; Jon Goodman’s Online Trainer Certification course.


My Business Update

I started the OTA course back in April last year, so April 2017 and it’s now kind of coming up to 16 – 17 months on from completing the course… or not from completing, from starting the course I guess.


I wanted post an update on my business as I know a lot of you are currently l deciding whether you want to do the course.  The first thing that I wanted to address is; I said ‘formerly’ of Tara Fitness Personal Training. Some of you may already know that I’ve decided to, or I’ve gone ahead and closed my online fitness business. So don’t jump ship.


Please don’t think ‘I’m not interested because you’re not a trainer anymore’. I’ve completed the course, implemented the strategies, and I believe I’ve learned some things that are worth listening to… Especially if you’re trying to decide whether or not to join the OTA course.


Just give you a bit of a quick rundown on what happened for me. I ran a free challenge and a launch at the end of May. Despite the challenge being quite popular, I didn’t gain any more paid clients. I did have some clients that I was working with at the time but I just wasn’t making the money that I needed to be making in order to make ends meet.


I also wasn’t enjoying the whole process anymore. Most importantly, I wasn’t doing the stuff that was important to me. So things like my training, my nutrition.


I also wasn’t looking after me which is a bad place to be. When you’re not looking after yourself how are you supposed to look after other people? At the end of the day we’re supposed to be a great role model for our clients and I didn’t feel like I was doing that anymore.


The other thing is that when I got to the end of that launch, like I worked my ass off for that launch, I really did and and honestly it was the best launch I’ve ever done. But I honestly asked myself at the end of it ‘can I go through this again?’


‘If put in the effort, if I do the work, improve everything again, really step it up on another level, put the time, the effort, the money into it and I don’t get a great result can, I cope with that personally?’


And honestly, when I sat with it for a few days, the answer was no I couldn’t. I didn’t want to go through that again.


New directions

So I’ve taken another path. I’ve moved more into freelance marketing and writing. So I’m still in the fitness industry, helping gyms by running their Facebook ads to increase their leads. I’m doing some ghostwriting and blog posting for personal trainers, and I’ve also launched a new lifestyle blog. I’ve realised that I love writing and I want to write about everything. I got sick of writing about weight loss all the time, I want to write about like food and travel and personal growth as well, so moving in a new direction has allowed me to start writing and start talking about those things.


Is the OTA worth the money?

So that’s kind of where I’m at, but we’re not here to talk about talk about me, we’re here to talk about you guys too. I guess one of the biggest things that you’re probably thinking right now is:


‘If I join the online training academy, what if I fail?”

‘What if I don’t make it as an online trainer?’

‘It’s a lot of money to spend and am I just gonna throw that down the drain if it doesn’t work?’


You know what, I get that, I do. A little over twelve months ago, I dropped the money on the online training academy course, and now I’m not an online trainer. But what I wanted to tell you is that it’s okay. It’s totally okay to have that fear, and it’s okay to come out the other end of it and get to a point where you’re like ‘I actually don’t want to be an online trainer anymore’ and still look back at it and be happy with buying the course.


So I guess that’s the central message I wanted to get across today… that if you want to do it, like if it’s eating away at you and if you really want to have a good crack at online training, go and buy this course. Not just because it’ll help you with your online training but because it’ll help you with everything that you do in business moving forward.


Lessons from the OTA

I closed my business a couple of months ago, but I’m still working online in a similar industry. I’ve got my online training academy book right here (it’s not looking too good because of the windows on the other side), but I still use it every single day. No, I don’t necessarily get the textbook out and read it every single day, but I still use the strategies that I learned in the Academy every single day.


Some of the biggest things I use is top of mind marketing; so keeping in touch with all of the people in your network on a regular basis. I don’t do it quite as in-depth as I was over the last 12 months but I still talk to people every single day, and that’s something that I learnt to do, and I built those strategies from doing the online trainer Academy course.


The second thing I use is the dream week. I still set up my calendar with my dream week and often I don’t necessarily follow it, but it’s a great reminder of what I really want to be doing, and then it highlights what I’m giving up if I’m not following that schedule that I’ve set for myself.


The third thing that I use consistently is Jon’s guiding principles. There’s kind of two guiding principles that he really talked about a lot… One is:


‘What would this look like if it were easy?’ – Jon Goodman


That’s the way I’ve tried to run my business for a long time now since I first started to see Jon’s content. That’s what I’ve been trying to do, and honestly, when you get it right, it’s a fantastic way to run your business. Because when you prioritise simplicity, you find the time not only to run a business but to look after you as well. Something which is essential for me and it’s something that was failing to do leading up to closing my online fitness business.


The other thing that John always talked about is :


‘Do a good job’. ‘Make sure everybody knows about it’. – Jon Goodman


They’re things that you really learn about throughout that course, and these are things that I continue to use every single day, and that’s just the beginning.


There’s even a section on taking care of clients and honestly, the stuff in there that talks about fitness assessments, which some of it is not relevant, but you can adapt it to suit your clients regardless of what you do. I now have gym owners that are my clients that I’m providing marketing services to and I still use some of the stuff that I learnt in the online trainer Academy to support those clients.


I guess what I’m trying to say is don’t just write it off as just an online trainer Academy course like ‘oh it’s just a course for online trainers’. The OTA is a course for anyone who wants to run any small business, well any online small business, and you can use these strategies time and time again in any business that you’re running.


Like I said, the main thing that I want to say is if you’re hesitating because you think that you might you might fail don’t! Just dive straight in and do the work because you’re going to learn so much that you’re gonna be able to carry with you into the future.


Do the work!

One thing I just touched on there was to do the work. In my previous review when I first finished the course, that’s the main point that I had to say. I want to reiterate that because it is so incredibly important. Before you buy the online training academy course and before you decide to be an online trainer you need to ask yourself if you’re prepared to do the work because the fact is, if you don’t do the work, you’re going to fail. If you do the work you might still fail anyway, like look at me. I really did everything that I could to make my business work. The only option that I had was to hold on a little longer.


My regrets

So that brings me around to a few regrets that I have. If I was to say anything about the online training academy and if there’s any regret that I have is it’s honestly not joining sooner. I wanted to join the intake before I actually committed and so that was basically like six months before I committed. There was enough money in the bank but I was scared to spend that money and I feel like if I’d spent that money six months earlier then… I actually followed the online trainer Academy course up with doing precision nutrition level one.


I feel like if I had completed the only trainer Academy six months earlier then PN level one six months earlier I would have been in a so much better position to really give everything I had over the last twelve months. Whereas I feel like kind of the first six months I suppose last financial year, so from kind of June to December, I was still doing the learning and then I really only gave it like six months of giving my all.


That would be my biggest regret. So again if you’re thinking about joining and your stress is around whether you’ll make your money back… Honestly, I can’t tell you that you are or you aren’t. You might; you might not. But I suppose it’s about what you value  and whether you appreciate that learning and that education because for me I would say:


‘Did I make my money back as an online  trainer?’ No I didn’t.


‘Have I made my money back by implementing the strategies that I learnt in the Online Trainer Academy in other areas of business?’ Absolutely I have.


I think that it’s important to look at it from that perspective. If I didn’t have the skills that I learnt in this course, I wouldn’t be in a position to be able to offer marketing support and ghostwriting support to other trainers, gyms and other small businesses. So I guess you need to weigh it up and look at it by way of the value that you get out of it rather than just whether you’re going to make that money back.


Frequently Asked Questions

Okay, so I’m gonna leave it there because I feel like I’ve been talking for far too long. So if you have any questions about the online training academy, click here to read the frequently asked questions. They’ve got all of your stuff like:


‘Is there a payment plan?’,


‘How long do I have to do it?’,


‘What access do I get?’


Also, visit the home page make sure you go to the online trainer site and read everything. Then once you’ve made a decision, stick with it and dive in headfirst.


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Chat with an OTA Grad

If you have any questions at all please feel free to add me on Facebook or send me an email. You can send it to [email protected]


If you do choose to join the online training academy good luck. I hope you get as much value out of it as I did. If you have any questions feel free to say g’day. All right, thanks guys, have a great day. Bye Bye.


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