There’s ONE thing stopping you losing weight

by Tara Fitness

The world is overwhelmed with information about weight loss. Everyone has a different opinion on the best way to lose weight.

Many of those opinions come from unqualified individuals who have no interest in your weight loss outside of their ability to earn money, selling you a bunch of crap you don’t need.

Even in the ranks of nutrition and fitness professionals, there are a plethora of opinions.

Reading the results of my recent weight loss survey, one emotion ran through all of the answers…


  • How often should I exercise?
  • What should I eat to lose weight?
  • What foods are protein and carbs?

Now, these are great questions to have, and I love that you’re thinking about these things. After all, nutrition and exercise are the cornerstones of any weight loss program.

But I realised that, for many of you, your weight loss journey so far has been built on one thing:

Analysis paralysis!

This is where we take in lots of information and get so caught up in figuring out how to do things the right way, that we end up never taking any action at all.

And without action, it doesn’t matter if you’re a walking nutrition encyclopedia, you’re never going to achieve your goals.

So today, throw out the textbook, stop trying to figure out what you should be doing and simply start by doing something.

Seriously, pick one tiny thing and start taking action every single day.

Like adding more vegetables to your dinner plate, eating a healthier breakfast, walking to work, eating lunch outside instead of at your desk, taking a packed lunch to work…

Don’t over think it. Don’t let the one thing stopping you losing weight keep holding you back.

Feeling scared? Nervous? Worried?

It’s ok. Feel the fear and do it anyway, because you deserve to achieve your goals.

If you do, you might just succeed.

If you don’t, you’ve already failed.

I know which one I’d prefer.

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