“Oh my god, I should have done this years ago.”

by Tara Fitness

“Oh my god, I should have done this years ago,” said my client, as we sat on a video call, talking through her latest blog post.

For the sake of this email, let’s call her Priscilla Queen of the Desert… sorry, got carried away there.

Anywho, the process is as exhilarating as walking the main drag of Broken Hill dressed in drag…

The process.

First, Priscilla chats with her SEO guy, and together they come up with a post title and some keywords. Then Priscilla and I jump on a video call for an hour or so, and we talk through our ideas, ultimately developing a rough outline for the post.

A week later, I slide a freshly pressed frock blog post into her email inbox, ready for a final read through. She flicks the post to her web guy who uploads it to the blog faster than you can say “c’mon girls, let’s go shopping”.

A few snaps of her fingers and a 45-minute video call is all it takes to make sure she’s consistently producing new content to promote her growing business.

The meeting.

When Priscilla said she should have done this years ago, she was referring to outsourcing her blog writing.

You see, Priscilla can write. Currently, she writes a short blog post each week which she really enjoys. But outside of that, she’s not too passionate about writing. Her ideas bucket is full as a drag queens closet, but it takes her longer than doing a drag queens makeup to turn those ideas into a presentable post.

Recently, she stumbled upon some of my Medium ramblings, and sent her trusty carrier pigeon to say ‘hey-ho, let’s talk over a strawberry daiquiri fishbowl’. So when we sat down last week to chat about her latest post, all she had to do was talk about her clients, her message and her ideas, confident I’d turn her words into something she’s proud to share with the world.

The result.

Now that bit is cool, but here’s the best part…

Towards the end of the call, we got chatting about what she had planned for the rest of the week. One thing she told me sparkled like a sequin tiara…

Priscilla said she’s just committed to taking every Friday off work!!!

It’s been a dream of hers for years; even more so since she had her daughter. And now, because she finally has a support team she can trust, she’s easily able to leave the business in the care of her crew, while she spends quality time with her daughter. Outsourcing her blog writing was the final piece of the puzzle that, when put together, creates the business she’s dreamt of since she started coaching online.

So, if you’d rather be shopping, spending time with your kids, sipping strawberry daiquiris or anything but writing posts for your blog, tap the link below to find out how I free up your Friday too.

Link → https://www.tarafitness.com.au/work-with-me/

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