No you haven’t tried EVERYTHING to lose weight…

by Tara Fitness

Here’s why…

When I ask people what they’ve done in the past to try to lose weight, an answer I hear a lot is:

‘I’ve tried EVERYTHING!’

Sometimes it’s a throwaway comment meaning:

‘Do you really want me to list everything I’ve tried?’

But often it signifies intense overwhelm.

Maybe you’ve tried calorie or macro counting, meal plans, keto, paleo, intermittent fasting, gym programs, boot camp or personal training.

Perhaps you also tried meal replacements, juice cleanses, detoxes and all those machines you’ve seen advertised on daytime tv — even the one that claims to vibrate your fat away.

Conceivably you’ve tried eating healthier, eating a little less and cutting out all junk food too.

The advertising, the office chatter and your friends on social media say these things work… that’s why you tried these strategies in the first place. One look at the before and after pictures, and you could already feel the excitement of shopping for a bikini again… maybe you even bought the bikini, but now it’s living a lonely life in the bottom of your underwear drawer.

You’ve spent a lot of time, energy and money trying everything… and nothing worked.

But have you?

You may be looking at all these things in the wrong light.

You see… there’s one common denominator that ultimately determines the success (or failure) of the strategies above — even the unhealthy ones;

You have to do the work!

Whether it’s showing up to the PT sessions you booked, following the meal plan, sticking to the detox for the set time period or standing on the vibrating machine and turning it on…

Without you in the driver’s seat, this baby’s goin’ nowhere!

So, what haven’t you tried?

One of my business mentors has instilled one idea in me, more than anything else…

“What would this look like if it were easy?” — Jon Goodman

It sounds simple… and simplicity truly is the key… but somehow, as human beings, our intelligence gets a little big for its britches and it leads us astray.

Rather than actively seeking out the simplest solution, we often stumble across it and dismiss it because;

‘it’s too simple, it couldn’t possibly work!’

But if all the complicated stuff didn’t work…?

So, my friend…

If you’ve been following me for a while now and all the while thinking ‘it sounds too simple’, perhaps it’s time to hitch up those britches and take a leap of faith.

It might feel a little like falling down the rabbit hole, but imagine the world you might find when you land.

Here’s how it’s done

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