No, I won’t write you a meal plan BECAUSE…

by Tara Fitness
One of the most common questions I get asked about my coaching is:

“Is there a meal plan?”

Every time my answer is the same.

In short, no.

The longer explanation goes a little like this:

Think back to the last time you tried to lose weight.

How long did you follow the meal plan?

I bet:

  • It got boring pretty quickly;
  • The meals took too long to prepare;
  • There were foods on the plan you didn’t like;
  • You had to cook one meal for you and an entirely different meal for your family;
  • You got sick of eating every meal out of Tupperware containers; and
  • You couldn’t wait to go back to cooking normal meals.

If it didn’t work last time or the time before that, why try the same thing again?

N.B. Even if it did work for a while and you lost weight, did you maintain it? If you didn’t learn how to make great food choices so you could maintain your weight loss, you have to be honest and throw it into the ‘didn’t work’ basket.

But there’s something even more important than that…

It’s about my integrity.

No, I will not write you a meal plan…

Because I refuse to take your power away!

I know that, even if you follow the meal plan to the letter for months, I haven’t helped you at all. Sure you’ve followed a great meal plan for a few months, but then what?

Me writing you a meal plan takes away all of your choices when it comes to food. So, what happens when you get that choice back? You go back to the same old habits.

But if I don’t write you a meal plan, how can I help you lose weight?

I’ll give you something a lot better than a meal plan.

I’ll teach you how to make great choices yourself:

I’ll teach you how to eat…

I’ll teach you what great choices look like…

I’ll teach you how much you should eat…

I’ll teach you how to make good food taste great…

And most importantly, I’ll NEVER tell you to stop eating your favourite foods.

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