My goal to write half a million words in 2019.

by Tara Fitness

In December 2018, I sat down to plan my goals for 2019. Having built up a relatively consistent writing habit of 500 words or a blog post every workday through the second half of 2018; I thought it was quite achievable that I could build up to writing 2000 words per workday in 2019.

Rather than wing it like last year, writing however much I felt like on any given day, this year I’ve decided to track my statistics. So, like any Excel nerd, I whipped up a quick spreadsheet.

In doing so, I realised if I write an average of 2000 words per day, every workday this year, by the end of 2019 I will have written 520,000 words.

Yes… by the end of this year, I plan to write 520,000 (yes, half a million) words.

When you put it like that, it’s quite overwhelming. That’s almost as much as re-writing the entire Twilight series.

Now, as long as I don’t get distracted by reading the entire Twilight series from cover to cover AGAIN, I’m confident I’ll crack the half a mil this year. Because I have a plan.

The plan… ruthless consistency.

2000 words per workday, here I come.

Want to join me?

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