My back pain forced me to overhaul my business.

by Tara Fitness
back pain

And it’s one of the best things that could have happened to me.

“You look great”.

“Have you lost weight”.

I’ve heard these comments quite a lot recently.

It’s nice to finally get some external validation after months, no years, of hard work. Not that I was aiming for people to tell me I look great, but never pass up a compliment when they’re tossed in your direction, right?

The last few years have been like a theme park ride. My consistency has been up and down like the giant drop; my weight as frustrating as The Green Lantern ride (it keeps stalling).

I used to blame my business a lot.

In hindsight, my weight gain was my fault because I put my business before everything else in my life… and I paid the price.

I’m talking fire burning in my back, down into my glutes and around into my lower abs. Feeling like someone was simultaneously punching me in the back with a marble boxing glove and tearing my muscles away from my spine with the ferocity of lions teeth. When the pain struck, it was impossible to stand up. I had to rest every 50 metres, tears streaming down my face as my gut churned, often realising my pain had ruined yet another event.

Sometimes it didn’t matter, like grocery shopping. But on other occasions, my back pain took away my opportunity to enjoy an event I’d likely never experience again. Like watching the fireworks at Leeds Castle on Guy Fawkes Night, or spending the day at The Kent County Show with Charlotte and her best friend.

I was so disappointed in myself because I knew I’d created my worst nightmare.

I was in pain because I’d stopped making time to strengthen my muscles, nourish my body and look after my back when it was starting to act a little angry. Worse than that, I was forcing my nightmare upon others.

The more I look back on it, the more I realise I didn’t just make a couple of bad decisions while I was trying to build my online fitness business. No… I systematically undermined my business and more importantly, my life, by consistently putting Tara Fitness on the backburner. Forgetting, if Tara Fitness isn’t healthy, neither is anything she creates.

I recently changed the name of my website.

Initially, it was Life After 27, an ode to the first step I took in my journey towards freedom. Then, it became Bright-Eyed & Bushy-Tailed, because that’s the kind of entrepreneurs I want to inspire. Now, it’s simply Tara Fitness. I made the change because I believe it’s finally time to acknowledge that I am building a business on a rock solid foundation of ME.

The change has probably left a jury of marketing guru’s shaking their heads because I “should be focusing on my market”. But for me, it’s a constant reminder that Tara Fitness now comes first. Because without her, doesn’t exist.

6 months ago I made a decision to build my business on a rock-solid foundation of:

  • Consistent practice of self-love and self-care;

  • An attitude of constant, ferocious self-discovery; and

  • A borderline-delusional level of self-belief.

It’s been a ride and I’ve taken a wrong turn or two. But ultimately, I’ve discovered the only way I can run a business and still look after me.

Does of any this sound familiar?

Have you gone down the road of building your own business, but completely neglected to take care of the person doing all the building?

I know you probably feel like you’ve gone too far and worked too hard, so changing things would be undoing all of your hard work. But I promise you, you won’t be. Looking back, even closing my business wasn’t a step back… it was a monumental leap forward.

The lesson I learned:

“It doesn’t matter how far down the road you’ve gone. If it’s the wrong road, turn back”.

Would you like a roadmap to find your way out?

If so…

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