Mowing the lawn while the house is on fire

by Tara Fitness

… and why ‘freezing grapes’ to lose weight is a stupid idea.

How’s your Facebook feed looking lately?

Mine? I swear I find something that makes me shake my head every day of the week.

Just the other day I was scrolling merrily, and I stumbled upon a blog post about healthy foods. I gotta be honest, I didn’t even read the blog post, but the top comment took me by surprise. It went a little like this:

“Can you please explain why frozen grapes are best for a sweet treat? Why can’t I eat unfrozen grapes?”

The coaches reply:

“When your grapes are frozen, you’ll naturally eat them slower, so you’ll be far less likely to over indulge”.

Hmmm… (that’s me being polite).

That, right there, is what I like to refer to as:

“Mowing the lawn while the house is on fire”.

Photo by Chris Karidis on Unsplash

I mean, I’m all for eating slowly. It’s the first thing I teach any of my clients because it’s the habit that has the biggest impact… but ‘eating slowly’ goes for everything you eat, and you learn how to do it through practice… not because you manipulated your food to make it more difficult to eat.

You see, I couldn’t care less what type of grapes you’re eating, how much of them you’re eating or what you’re eating them with…

If you’re not eating balanced, healthy meals at least 80% of the time…

Freezing your grapes is gonna do f*ck all!!!

Let’s be honest… weight loss is hard!

You have to commit to changing your habits day in, day out.

You have to learn how to feel hungry again, and that can feel quite uncomfortable.

And with so much information on google, so many quick fixes on offer and so many supplements waved in our face every day … it’s easy to become distracted by the pretty flashing lights and forget about the basics.

The worst part… because you’ve been chasing flashing lights, you believe you’ve been working your butt off and trying everything… and to be fair, you have every right to feel exhausted.

But in the long term, quick fixes and sneaky little tricks (like freezing your grapes) simply don’t work.

The only weight loss plan that gives you sustainable results…

is one where you actively and consciously change your habits… building a life where you actively and consciously make better choices every single day.

So if you truly want to change your life… forget about freezing your grapes and instead, use your time and energy where it’ll have the biggest impact.

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