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with no stress.

Are you desperate to earn a full-time income from your online business...(without working 70+ hour weeks, neglecting family & friends or driving yourself to the brink of burnout)?

When my business wasn't making money I thought I just had to work harder.

Dwindling email list?


Empty client roster and $0 launches?


More cash going out than coming in?


For far too long, I believed if I kept 'working hard' it would eventually pay off.

But, after three-long-years of running my first online business, I wasn't packing my pockets with cash as expected. Instead, I was scrounging for shrapnel just to make ends meet. And that's not even the worst part. After padlocking the doors of my online fitness business for good, I found myself falling down the rabbit hole of a Major Depressive Episode (in old speak, a nervous breakdown). Clearly, something had to change.

I began by re-prioritising everything that's important to me (a.k.a. the things I'd neglected while I was 'working harder) including;

  • spending quality time with my fiance,
  • eating healthy food,
  • exercising consistently, and
  • exploring the English countryside (I was based in the UK at the time).

But once I stuffed all that good stuff back into my calendar, I simply didn't have the time or energy to put in the ridiculous hours I'd been working in my fit biz. I had to prioritise my work tasks too. And that, my friend, is when something magical happened...

I discovered ‘working smarter’ is the key after all.

I know, I know. It sounds boring and cliche!

I get it. You've fallen down the 'secret to success' rabbit hole time and time again, and only ever ended up more in the dark than you were before. I promise you, this is NOT one of those rabbit holes.

If you keep reading, can I guarantee your success? 

Not a chance. But I can promise, if you follow the tips I'm about to talk you through, you'll end up a whole lot happier... and after all, isn't that what we all want?

“OMG Tara, I really needed to hear this today. Thank you. .”

- Karen, Online Entrepreneur -

Once I learned how to ‘work smarter, not harder’ I went from from $0 launches to ‘best profit ever’ in 6 short months…

All while prioritising my:

  • Relationship: spending all weekend, every weekend with my partner, no longer being distracted by work or endless social media distractions;
  • Health and Fitness: dropping a dress size and reducing my chronic back pain as a result;
  • Nutrition: making time to cook healthy, nutritious (and sometimes debaucherous) meals for myself and my family; and
  • Leisure: including reading, writing and bingeing on Netflix (because everyone needs a relaxing outlet).

You can have all this (and whatever freedom looks like for you) by making a few simple changes to your routine.

“Having read through the first email of the ‘7 days’, it’s nice to be able to relate to some points which have resonated with me already.”

- Caroline, Entrepreneur -

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Work Less: Rock in at 8 am and be gone by lunch, smashing out work you love doing, for clients you love to work with (a.k.a. who respect you, value your work and pay you well) and even take a lazy long weekend once in a while (because you can);

Play More: Take your family on a picnic, say yes to a weekend away with friends, go hiking in the woods, curl up with a good book or spend the afternoon trimming your bonsai tree (a.k.a. finally make your business work for you, and find the freedom you dreamed of when you started your business); and

Put Yourself First: Lift weights in the middle of the day, cook your own healthy meals, take a mental health day, or sleep in until midday because you’re wrecked after a big weekend (a.k.a. free up time to look after the owner of your business).

“Great email!!! You write well, you’re interesting, relevant and authentic, so just wanted to reach out and say thank you.”

- Denzil, Corporate Fitness Trainer -

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