January Goals: 2 outta 3 ain’t bad.

by Tara Fitness

When I sat down in late 2018 to plan my goals for 2019, I set three writing goals. They were:

1. Write 2000 words every weekday.

2. Send 3 emails to my list every week.

3. Publish 3 blog posts per week.

As it’s the end of January, it’s a good time to assess the results.

I achieved 2 outta 3 … and I think 2 outta 3 ain’t bad.

2000 words per workday.

Through the second half of 2018, I had a daily writing goal of 500 words. Plenty of days I didn’t achieve this. So when I set a goal of 2000 words per workday in 2019, I knew I was pushing the envelope. To be honest, I set this goal expecting not to achieve it immediately. As I said, it’s a goal for 2019. Just like losing weight, I don’t expect to achieve it by the end of January.

This month, I had a goal to write 44000 words. I managed to write just under 30000. I’m quite proud to have achieved ⅔ of my writing goal for this month for two reasons:

First, I wrote 30000 words. That’s always worth celebrating.

Second, it’s still more words than I wrote in any month last year.

This is an ongoing goal, but I’m confident if I continue to write and ideate regularly, I’ll build up to a daily habit of writing 2000 words within a few months.

Send 3 emails to my list each week.

Last year, emailing my list was like riding a roller coaster – full of highs and lows. In short, I wasn’t consistent. I was one of those people who would email 3 or 4 times per week for a month or two, then drop off the radar. That’s not fun for my readers, and it’s also not conducive to building a healthy relationship with my list.

So in 2019, I’ve committed to emailing consistently. Throughout November and December 2018, I emailed my list once per week to begin building up my consistency. Throughout January, I’ve increased my emails to 3 days per week – Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

So far, I’ve stayed consistent and I’m seeing an increase in opens, clicks and replies as a result.

Publish 3 blog posts per week.

In December 2018, I completed a course that took up a lot of my time and I let my blogging slip. I saw a significant drop in my blog traffic and Medium statistics, so lesson learned. If I want to build an audience, I need to post consistently.

Throughout January, I’ve been posting my emails on my website and Medium, along with 3 blog posts per week. This consistency has resulted in an increase in my overall statistics, so it’s clear, posting regularly is essential to my blog growth.

Consistency is key.

While I didn’t hit my goal to write 2000 words per workday, I have still written 3 emails and 3 blog posts per week throughout January. I believe I’ve achieved the two most important goals I set for this month, and I’m confident I will continue to increase my word count as I build a more consistent writing habit.

The increased views on my blog and Medium profile, along with increasing email subscribers have clearly proven how important it is to maintain consistency in not only my writing but my publishing too.

All of my goals this year have this common theme – consistency. Looking at my results for January, I’m confident I will achieve all of my goals this year because I am building my career and my life on a rock-solid foundation of ruthless consistency.

You should too! I promise, it works.

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