Is your business direction as clear as mud?

by Tara Fitness

When I decided to start my personal training business in 2015, I thought my Certificate III and IV in Fitness was all I needed to get started. I’d come from a successful career in welfare. One where I worked hard, was good at my job and received a promotion as a result. I was confident my work ethic would set me up for success.

In truth, my training, skills and experience were enough to get me started. However, it’s only years later I’ve come to understand how unprepared I was for the world of entrepreneurship.

Sure I could write a pretty damn good training plan. But a business plan wasn’t in the curriculum. I’m ashamed to admit; I only finished my first business plan in February this year. Yes, 2 and a half years after I started my business. It shows my business direction throughout that time was as clear as mud. But, if I’m honest, I don’t feel I was prepared to write a business plan any time before that.

As for a day to day plan, I was making that up as I went.

I took advice from as many sources as I could, sifting through piles of information and implementing what seemed credible. I implemented the hell out of a lot of strategies, but in doing so, I spread myself too thin. I was mediocre at everything, which meant I wasn’t a standout at anything.

I’m starting to feel like I might just have worked out how to avoid these mistakes in the future (although I have to credit Alex Mullan and his daily tales of sorcery for leading me in the right direction).

You see, in my latest venture – that of a copywriter for fitness businesses –  my business direction is crystal clear. Every morning I wake up knowing exactly what I have to do, and where I’ll end up if I do.

For the first time in my entrepreneurial journey, I feel like I have a plan that will undoubtedly lead to success.

And it all starts with minimalism.

When you’re thrashing about, rushing, busy, stressed and overwhelmed, all that movement only stirs up the mud and muddies the pond.

But when you have a clear direction and take long, clean strokes, two things happen. The pond stays clear, and you get to where you’re going a lot faster.

Dory said “just keep swimming”, but it’s not enough to do whatever it takes to keep your head above water. The key is to improve your swim stroke, so you move through the water as efficiently as possible, cutting through the water rather than fighting against it.

So rather than trying to do everything at once, my smooth swim stroke looks like this:

—> write at least 500 words every day to improve my craft; and

—> make sure everybody knows about me.

They are the only two goals I pursue every day. First thing in the morning, I write. When I’m done, I share it with the world.

That’s how I maintain a clear direction in my business. That’s how, this time, I will succeed.

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