If you want to achieve your goals, stop thinking about them.

by Tara Fitness
Achieve my goals

After I closed my online fitness business in June 2018, I realised I’d been neglecting much of my personal life for too long. So I set myself some personal goals, prioritising personal goals above all else. One of those goals was to ride the 30 kilometres to Hadlow and back. I achieved that goal in November 2018 and I was ecstatic. It was the furthest I’d ever ridden.

So when I set my goals for 2019, I thought it was only natural to set my goals a little higher. This year, I decided to aim for 50 kilometres. On Friday, 25th January, with a little luck, I realised I achieved that goal.

You see, the week after I hit my 30km goal last year, I started riding as a cycle courier. I tracked my distance for my first 2.5 hour shift, in which I rode 25 kilometers. But running both my work app and a cycling app drained my battery significantly. As a result, I hadn’t tracked a ride since, despite riding 3-4 days per week throughout December and January.

One cold, quiet night in mid-January, I was chatting with a few other riders who told me about another app that doesn’t drain your battery as fast (Strava). So I downloaded it and gave it a go on Friday, 25th January.

I completed a busy 4-hour shift, and as I was halfway home, my distance travelled ticked over to 50 kilometres. I’d done it, and I hadn’t thought about my goal once since I set it.

So how did I achieve my goal without thinking about it?

Simple… I did the work.

3-4 days per week, I dressed in my layers to fight off the cold, and I went to work. I delivered the orders I was given, I pushed up every hill I faced and I kept riding until my shifts ended, or I couldn’t ride anymore.

Two months of ruthless consistency was all it took to build my maximum distance from 30km to 50km.

Had I set out to ride 50km last Friday night, I’m not sure I would have achieved my goal. Instead, I simply set out to deliver as many orders as I could.

Luckily I tracked my ride, because to my surprise, somewhere along the way I achieved a goal I thought would take me months to achieve. That’s why I hadn’t even thought about it. All I’d considered was that I would put my head down and do the work to improve my strength and fitness.

I plan to use this same ruthless consistency in other areas of my life in 2019.

Using this strategy, I’m confident I will achieve my other goals. Like:

→ building a successful email marketing business;

→ losing weight;

→ writing half a million words this year;

→ focusing on self-care; and

→ creating a life of freedom.

How about you?

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