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I saw it before I felt it… | Tara Fitness

I saw it before I felt it…

by Tara Fitness

Remember that time you stopped on the side of the freeway? You’re not supposed to stop but someone needed to puke (that was me as a kid). Sitting there, hands over your ears to avoid the stomach-churning noise of your travel companions gut-wrenching debauchery, you feel the car sway every time a car flies past. It’s worse when it’s a truck or a bus. It feels like the wind could pick up the car and flip you over the railing, leaving you to climb out through a fresh pool of vomit.

Now, imagine how it would feel to be a tiny figure on the side of the freeway, no longer shielded by the metal box on wheels. Instead, you’re sitting on a bicycle so light you can lift it with your little finger. Your shoes are clipped into the pedals and you’ve only got tiny hand grips with which you hold on for dear life. The only thing keeping you stuck to the ground is a slimline tyre with a footprint as big as a 50 cent piece (two wheels means you’ve got a dollar holding you upright). Lycra-clad, you dread the day where your shiny tights fail to protect you from a 4-hour stint in the hospital where some poor intern, armed with a pair of tweezers, has to pick every piece of gravel from your fleshy, weeping outer thigh.

The thought of a date with the pavement flashed through my mind as soon as I saw the bus creep up beside me. I could have put my hand out and touched it until the wind gust hit me, throwing me off course.

Luckily, I was on a bumpy stretch of road so I was sitting well out from the kerb.

Luckily, I was already holding on tight.

Luckily, I was ready.

I didn’t fall when the double-decker bus rushed past me at 60 miles an hour, barely even bothering to cross the centre line to give me a little space. But I know it’s only a matter of time.

I bought my first road bike in 2006.

My shiny, red Avanti Monza was my pride and joy. I was devastated when I fell and chipped the paint while learning how to use clipless pedals. I only sold my red rocket last year before I moved to the UK. Even for an 11-year-old bike, she was in great knick. The main reason, I’d barely ridden my beautiful bike.

Since buying a road bike I’ve gone through many phases where I’d ride it a few times then put it in the spare room to wither away under a pile of dust. A few months later, I’d clean it up, take it for a spin or two, repeating the process time and time again.

Until now.

Today, I achieved one of my goals for 2018. I rode 25 km to Hadlow and back.

Now, if you’re a cyclist, you’ll know this isn’t a long ride by any means. But as someone who’s never made it past the first few rides, I’m well and truly proud of my short journey. It’s taken me months to build up the strength and stamina to complete this ride.

No… it’s taken me years. Today, I rode 25km for the first time since buying a road bike in 2006.

My failed fitness business helped me achieve my goal.

In June, I closed my online weight loss coaching business. Since then, I’ve committed to rebuilding my life on a foundation of self-care. Because I now prioritise what matters to me – relationships, exercise, healthy food, sleep, rest, fun – there’s not a lot of time left in the average day for work. So, I’ve had to learn to focus on the most productive tasks in my business. I can no longer afford to be busy all day and achieve nothing. I will not stand for it.

I changed my focus.

I didn’t realise it at the time, but for years I’ve been working too far ahead. I’ve allowed myself to be distracted by future planning, neglecting the daily tasks that will move my business forward.

Today, while riding and almost being knocked off my bike by a bus, I realised I have made a fundamental change in my mindset, and I am confident it will help me succeed.

I stopped looking at the bigger picture and started focusing on what I can do every day, and every week to progress towards my goals.

I spoke to a friend recently who said she’s already planning for next year. At that moment, I realised 2019 hasn’t even crossed my mind. I know what I’m doing tomorrow, next month and next year because every day I commit to riding a little faster or a little further.

I realised in the past, I’ve spent too much time dreaming about the finishing the race, I forgot to train for it.

Discover your daily minimum effort.

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