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I like my business like I like my coffee… simple. | Tara Fitness

I like my business like I like my coffee… simple.

by Tara Fitness
simple coffee, simple business

I bought a Chemex (a.k.a. fancy glass filter coffee maker) in April for two reasons.

First and foremost:

I was fed up with the limited offering of almond milk around here. It took me 8 months to find a coffee shop offering almond milk. The rest of them so politely say “we have soy” like I should give them a pat on the back, but I know they won’t be there when I’m forced into the foetal position by excruciating stomach cramps post ingestion of soy. Too much information?


it costs me less than a quid per day to have fresh roasted and ground coffee dropped through my mailbox on a semi-regular basis… that quid makes 3 cups by the way. So… why the hell not, I say!

It’s interesting thinking back to when I purchased the Chemex, especially as I now drink my coffee black. I didn’t really plan it this way. I just realised I enjoyed certain coffees – I get to try different blends – without almond milk.

Since I started drinking black coffee at home, I’ve started drinking it black while I’m out as well.

It solves all manner of problems, the most important being, I no longer have any stress, anxiety or frustration around trying to find a coffee. I simply walk into the closest cafe that looks cool and order a filter coffee if they have them. If not, it’s an Americano (no milk).

My coffee exploits are quite a metaphor for my entrepreneurial journey. In April, I was frustratedly clutching at straws, looking in every direction to identify solutions to all the problems in my business. Everything – like trying to buy an Almond Milk Latte in Maidstone – was complicated. My daily to-do list was as long as the menu at Starbucks.

In contrast, now my coffee is simple and so is my business.

My to-do list is a lot like picking up my Chemex, filters, kettle and bag of coffee, and selling one type of coffee out the front of my house – lemonade stand style.

That’s not to say it’s less sophisticated. If you sipped and swirled my coffee over your tastebuds you wouldn’t think so – but when you’re a one-woman band, it’s a hell of a lot easier to run a lemonade stand than an entire Starbucks on your own.

So… if you’re overworked and underpaid (like any solopreneur trying to build a Starbucks would be) it’s time to take a red pen to your menu to-do list and kick your frustration to the kerb.

To get started, grab your free copy of The Stress-Free Success Blueprint, where you’ll find a simple 3 step process for stripping your business back to the simplicity of a cup of fresh-roasted, perfectly brewed black coffee.

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