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I let my business wreck my health and fitness. | Tara Fitness

I let my business wreck my health and fitness.

by Tara Fitness

How I made it back from the brink of breaking.

One of my first shifts with Deliveroo was the longest I’d ever spent on the bike. Previously, I’d ridden about 90 minutes at most. This shift, I stretched to 3.5 hours. Turns out I wasn’t ready for such a long ride.

I had 4 hours booked, but upon hitting 3.5 I decided it was time to struggle home. Knowing I had a 3km uphill ride ahead, I felt like I’d rather crawl up the road with no kneepads than ride home. I toughed it out though and made it up the hill. I did crawl up the stairs to the shower, mind you.

As the night rolled on, then slowly morphed into the light of the following day, the aching in my legs worsened progressively. It had been a long time since I’d pushed my legs that hard.

We had planned to go to London the following day…

which involves plenty of walking, so I knew I had 24 hours to go from barely walking to up and at ‘em.

So, I grabbed a tube of Voltaren (painkilling gel) and massaged my legs 4-5 times throughout the day. I wore a set of compression tights all day. Foam rolled every few hours. Made sure my nutrition was on point, packed full of protein and carbs. Stayed hydrated. Took the day off training and work. And I slept well.

In short, I put 100% of my time and effort into rest and recovery.

Despite expecting to feel like I’d been run over by a bus (as per my usual 2nd-day soreness). I woke up the following day feeling like I could run a marathon. Actually, I tell a lie, I couldn’t run a marathon to save myself. I could ride one though. So yeah, I woke up feeling like I could ride a marathon.

Recovering almost entirely in 24 hours is quite new to me.

I often take 3-5 days to recover from workouts that are so far out of my comfort zone, so I was shocked when I woke up feeling pretty good.

It further reiterated to me how important it is to take time out from everything in our lives. Most importantly, to time off to recover from work. You see, it’s not just physical recovery we need, it’s also emotional and mental recovery. And as small business owners, it’s all too easy to get stuck on the treadmill of endless work, running a marathon day after day, until suddenly you reach a breaking point and cannot possibly take another step. I should know, I did it myself for three years until I ran smack-bang into a brick wall called burnout.

While the damage to my business was unable to be repaired, my body eventually forgave me. It’s taken a good 6-months to get my health and fitness back on track, but it’s going well (so much so, I now cap my shifts at 5 hours rather than 3.5).

It also didn’t happen without a commitment to change, and a plan to make it happen. You see, the major mindset shift I made which pulled me back from the brink of burnout was to focus on rest, recovery, health, fitness and relationships above all else.

Now don’t get me wrong, I certainly have not neglected my business.

In fact, I’ve found that by booking time for rest, recovery, fitness and fun in my calendar, I recharge the batteries consistently. So when I sit down to work, I’m far more productive than I ever was when I was neglecting my physical and emotional health… and I’m getting far better business results (a.k.a. cash in the bank).

If you’re dying to prioritise you, but cannot fathom how you’ll make it work because your business holding you tight against the brick wall, you need to make a few changes.

In The Stress-Free Success Toolkit, you’ll be able to:

→ Identify your most important rest, relaxation and recovery tasks (whether it’s soaking in a bath full of bubbles with a glass of bubbly in your hand or a round of golf with the boys);

→ Understand how to make time for recovery (scrubbing the filth off your calendar and leaving naught but silky, smooth skin what drives your business forward or improves your life); and

→ Escape from the clutches an endless social media stream (and spend your social time face-to-face with family and friends instead).

Enter your details below grab your free download, pour yourself a cuppa joe, and start prioritising your rest and relaxation today.

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