I just reached my goal weight; you won’t believe how long it took me

by Tara Fitness

Last weekend I reached my goal weight — yay!!!

Although, it’s not technically my goal weight. I’d still like to wave goodbye to the layer of insulation I’ve collected over the harsh winter here in the UK. (Don’t mock me Brits, I’m a full-blooded Aussie, I wasn’t designed to handle the cold).

I say my goal weight because it’s the number I set myself when I first started trying to lose weight about 9 months ago.

Yep… 9 months.

So in about August last year, my partner and I started to take note of our portion sizes, slowly reducing them and consciously trying to follow the Precision Nutrition plate method.

You know:

– 1 palm-sized portion of protein

– 1 cupped handful of carbs

– 1 fist-sized portion of veggies

– 1 thumb sized portion of healthy fats

Then in November, we started on the Precision Nutrition ProCoach curriculum — the same coaching curriculum I teach my clients. I weighed myself at the start of that program and set myself a goal weight.

Fast forward 22 weeks and I’ve lost the 5kg I had hoped to lose on this program.

No, that’s not a typo, it’s meant to say 22 weeks.

Yes, it took me 22 weeks to lose 5kg.

Now you might be thinking:

‘screw that shit, I ain’t waiting 22 weeks to lose 5kg’…

And that’s cool. You’re welcome to run like the wind.

But before you start tying your laces, let me ask you this…

Last time you started a weight loss plan and lost 5kgs, where were you 8 months on?

Had you maintained those results?

Or did you lose that 5kg, but 8 months later you’d put it all back on and then some?

I harp on about consistency a lot around here and I know it’s not sexy. It’s not some secret and it’s not a ‘snap your fingers’ solution. But it works…

A bit like a soccer mum’s car — it ain’t fancy but it gets the job done, right?

The biggest thing I can take out of the last 8 months is I no longer feel stressed or worried about putting this weight back on. I’ve taken the time to change my habits and I cannot even picture myself eating the way I used to eat.

Trust me, I tried. Last week we were running late so I tried to shove down a bowl of oats in 10 minutes… I had to leave half of it in the microwave and eat it when I got home because I physically couldn’t eat that fast.

Over the last 22 weeks, I’ve consciously changed my habits — and it’s changed my life.

So… are you gonna take off in a Ferrari that’s fast, sexy and can’t fit the kids in the back?

Or is it time to upgrade to the soccer Mum’s car… not sexy, not fast but it will help you make a better life for your kids?

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