Why my part-time job is a perfect complement to my freelance writing career.

by Tara Fitness

The flicker of orange and yellow fingers as they reach towards the treetops. The crackle and sizzle of the canopy as the flames reach their victim and devour it in seconds. The wall of heat pushing against you, forcing you to take a step or two back.

There’s something exhilarating about standing in front of a 30 ft wall of flames. It keeps you on full alert as, in an instant, the tiniest ember could float across your safe haven and set fire to the other side, leaving you surrounded, unable to escape.

The last time I donned a uniform was January 2017. It was a firefighter kit – one I’ve missed dearly since I’ve been in the UK. When I’m fighting fires I think of nothing else.

It’s my own personal brand of mindfulness.

Lots of people say “I don’t know how you do it”, but I love donning the gear, jumping in the truck and trekking out bush to douse the flames.

This week, I donned a uniform again, and I went to work.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t a firefighter kit. I’ll have to wait until I return to Australia to pull that dusty sack outta the cupboard.

No, this week my uniform was made up of a helmet, waterproof jacket and insulated backpack because a few months ago, I started working as a Deliveroo rider.

I used to think ‘getting a job’ was taking a step back; admitting I’d failed to build the business of my dreams.

But as you know, things have been going quite well of late. So why get a job now?

Two reasons:

Because I love it… and because I can.

Let’s start with a little love.

Except for the 6-month stint I did for Forestry before I moved to the UK, I do most of my firefighting as a volunteer. I don’t get paid, but I still go because I love it.

If you’ve been reading my emails for a while, you’ll know I love cycling too. I cycle for fun so I figured, why not earn a few £££ while I’m at it. I’m excited to go to work because I’m excited to go cycling.

I’m honestly delighted to be a person who delivers takeaway food. I know it sounds weird because I’ve always thought I had to chase bigger and better. But lately, I’ve switched glasses, and I’m looking at the world through a “what will make me happier” lens.

Turns out, having an external motivator (like “you have a job”) to get me on the bike is very helpful when it’s all too easy to stay inside and avoid the blistering chills and sideways rain that comes with Winter. Once I’m out on the road though, I think of nothing outside of riding and delivering, and I enjoy pretty much every minute of it (minus the hairy moment where I slipped off my pedals in the rain).

Because I can.

In essence, this has been a 6-month journey. When I retired my fit biz last June, I began to prioritise self-care. As part of this, I started riding consistently. In November, I reached my goal of riding the 25kms to Hadlow and back. Last week, I rode 50km in one shift with Deliveroo, smashing one of my goals for 2019.

Since transitioning to freelance writing, I’ve stripped back my business responsibilities so I have time to do the things I love – like my part-time cycling job. Now I

  • complete only tasks I know will bring me a return on my investment (in both time and money) having scrubbed anything else off my to-do list;
  • delegate tasks I don’t like or I’m not confident with; and
  • run my business around a calendar packed full of self-care and self-improvement tasks.

One of the most painful things about running my fitness business was never having time to do the things I loved. I skipped the gym, left my bike on the rack and didn’t even prioritise quality time with Charlotte.

Now, I’m looking after myself, running my business and I have enough time on my plate to work a part-time job I love; not because I have to, but because I want to.

If your business is surrounding you by 30 ft walls of flames and you desperately need a firetruck, tap the link below to download ‘The Stress-Free Success Blueprint for Online Business Owners’.

In it, you’ll discover how to:

  • Identify the high-ROI tasks in your business (because when you’re working on your business, you want to be confident you’re dousing the flames instead of just wasting water);
  • Understand what you should be completing and what you should be delegating (because nobody has the energy to stand on the hose all day, it’s important to share the load); and
  • Schedule your self-care, self-love and self-improvement tasks and lock ‘em in your calendar (because, shhh it’s a secret, but even firefighters take a nap in the truck when they’re shattered).

Get your own firefighters guide to stress-free business success right here …

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