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I built a better life on a foundation of fitness... then quit the gym. | Tara Fitness

I built a better life on a foundation of fitness… then quit the gym.

by Tara Fitness
quit the gym

If you’ve been following me for a while, you’ll know fitness and strength training are a huge part of my life. If you’ve been paying attention, you’ll know they’re the rock-solid foundation upon which I’ve built my healthy lifestyle and my new business.

But… I just quit the gym. My membership is officially cancelled.


So, why did I quit the gym?

The short answer, I took a look at my priorities and realised training at the gym wasn’t on top of the list anymore.

Let me explain…

I recently started working part-time as a cycle courier. Most weeks, I pick up between 10 and 15 hours of work, of which I generally spend about 10 hours on the bike. Naturally, I’m working my quads and glutes pretty hard.

I don’t strength train on days when I’m working because I’m going riding. So that leaves me with 2-3 days per week to lift weights. The problem, as I work from home, I don’t have a car. Charlotte and I own a car, but she takes it to work. As it’s a few kilometres to the gym, I usually ride my cheap, fixed gear bike that I’m happy to leave out the front of the gym for an hour.

Herein lies the problem.

On non-work days, it’s extremely important for me to rest, relax and allow my legs to recover. Now riding to the gym would be fine, but the 3-kilometre uphill ride home on a fixed gear bike is not conducive to my recovery.

So, even though I love the gym, for now, I’ve prioritised my recovery and quit the gym. I will continue to strength train at home because, as I said at the beginning of this email, it forms the rock-solid foundation of my happy, healthy life.

The moral of the story.

When things change in your life, it’s important to revisit routines and reassess if they’re still working for you.

If it’s time for you to reassess your priorities (perhaps you’re working 20 hours a day, constantly busy or can’t find the time to exercise) you need ‘The Stress-Free Success Toolkit’. With this FREE download, I’ll walk you through 7 different worksheets designed to help you prioritise what’s important in your life, build your business the right way and plan a better future.

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