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How to Get Clients on Tap. | Tara Fitness

How to Get Clients on Tap.

by Tara Fitness
How to get clients

*If you’re lookin’ for a quick fix, spin on your spurs and sprint away with the clowns nipping at your heels; because this ain’t my first rodeo, and quick fixes are a load of… bull.*

Client’s on tap like a fresh keg, however? There’s as much bull in that as there is in a vegan meatball.

Alrighty then, let’s get to the point. How do you create a steady stream of new clients, with a tap you can turn on and off at will?

It’s mighty simple, really.

Step 1: Build an email list.

Step 2: Build a relationship with the people on your list.

Do a good job and you’ll have new clients queuing to work with you like a bunch of nerds at a new iPhone launch.

How does it work?

In talking to your list at least a few times per week, the people who gel with your message will hang around, slowly liking and trusting you more and more until you put the perfect offer in front of em…

When you do, they’ll snap it up like grandma’s cupcakes.

Enough about cupcakes… start building your list here.

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