How to cope when your old wounds are poked.

by Tara Fitness

Isn’t it crazy how you can push negative experiences to the dark depths of your mind and tell yourself you’ve worked through them…

You’re over them…

You’ve moved on.

Isn’t it then frustrating when, right outta the blue, someone walks into your life and pokes at those old wounds? You’ve hidden them so long, even from yourself, but somehow they’ve prised open your chest with their bare hands, dug deep into your inner workings and dragged your bloody history out onto the floor for the whole world to see.

Your memories take pleasure in reminding you they were never really gone; they were just waiting to be awoken. But like blood flowing from a gaping wound, once they start flowing they’re almost impossible to stop.

They haunt you, taunt you and overwhelm you.

How do you even begin putting yourself back together?

Hopefully, you began long ago. But if you didn’t, start now.

Ask yourself, when the world is cutting you to pieces, where do you hide?

What is your outlet, your saviour, your guiding light?

Where are you motivated, protected and reinvigorated?

What keeps the knife-wielding demons at bay?

That, my friends, is the foundation upon which you build your life.

Anchor your habits with the habit you’re most likely to maintain. Then build your best life around it. Then when life is ripping you apart and burning the pieces, fall back on your foundation habit.

My saving grace when I can’t face another moment of overwhelm; I go to the gym and lift heavy shit for an hour. Even if I can do nothing else for the day, I make a commitment to exercise. Because when I’m training consistently, I have complete confidence I can get through anything.

We can’t always stop people poking and prodding at our old wounds. But we can build a habit that helps us cope when the reaper comes knocking at our door.

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