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How the Lamp Post Strategy gets you home when you’re pissed. | Tara Fitness

How the Lamp Post Strategy gets you home when you’re pissed.

by Tara Fitness
lamp post

Suggs, lead singer of Madness, has a theory.

Describing one of those nights at the pub when you’re having an absolute blast. So much so, all your mates have gone home, you missed your taxi and suddenly you find yourself talking to random strangers until you all get kicked out at closing time.

He mentions the moment the cold, hard realisation sets in… you have no way to get home.

But Suggs has a solution. He said (and I’m paraphrasing):

“All you need to do is get to the first lamp post. Then once you get to the first lamp post, you need to get to the second. You see, lamp posts are equidistant. This means they’re the same distance apart. So, once you’ve reached the second lamp post, you know you can get to the third. And because you know you can get to the third, you know you can make it all the way home”.

I thought that was pretty solid logic, except for the part where you’re three parts cut and anything could happen. But sober, I’ve used the lamp post strategy while running and cycling up hills. I’ve used it while writing and reading (just get to the end of the page). I’ve even used it polishing the car (just finish this panel).

The fact is, when you break things down into small, achievable tasks, you’re more likely to succeed.

That’s why, despite having them, I don’t focus on my goals. Instead, I focus on the daily actions I need to take in order to reach those goals. My high return on investment tasks, if you will.

When you focus only on getting to the next lamp post, before long you’ll find yourself stumbling towards the lamp post outside your house.

If you don’t have a lamp post strategy within your business, you need one.

When you download the free Stress-Free Success Toolkit, I’ll talk you through how to create your own Lamp Post Strategy by understanding the:

→ 2-3 actions you should be completing every day to rustle up the best espresso martini business in town;

→ Tasks which should be expelled like the excess alcohol that comes back up when you vomit in the neighbour’s hedge;

→ Things you don’t want to do, but probably should save ending your night in the cells (like paying the taxi driver).

Order your free copy with a side of strawberry and lime cider, below.

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