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How I plan to break my nasty holiday habits. | Tara Fitness

How I plan to break my nasty holiday habits.

by Tara Fitness

I was flying high throughout December. I had my routines down pat, I was consistently completing my daily high-ROI tasks and it showed. December was my highest earning month in business EVER!

It’s crazy how just two weeks of holidays can undo so much hard work.

I kind of returned to work last week. I say kind of, because I didn’t commit fully, and found myself fobbing off work for other things.

Like Thursday, when I packed away the Xmas decorations.

Or Friday, when I went to London in the morning, had a nap in the afternoon, and watched Netflix all evening.

Productive hey?

So here I am, Monday morning, forcing myself to write.

Based on my momentum late last year, I’ve increased my daily writing goal from 500 words to 2000. I knocked it out of the park on day 1 with a cool 2899 words in the bank. I followed it up with two days of big, fat zero. That’d be last Thursday and Friday, when I got distracted by Christmas decorations, naps and Netflix. Granted, I worked for a few hours on Saturday, editing my new lead magnet, but I can see myself stumbling down a familiar rabbit hole if I don’t do something about it now.

The rabbit hole…

This time last year, I was still running my online fitness business. I was working 70+ hours per week, glued to my phone, completing lots of busy (but not necessarily productive) work. 6-months ago, I walked away from that business feeling overwhelmed and utterly exhausted. I committed to never making that mistake again.

Yet, I found myself working on Saturday because I hadn’t done the work I needed to do during the week so I could enjoy my weekend. That’s a recipe for disaster, so I’m committing to getting on top of it now.

How I plan to get out of the post-holiday rut.

I spent the latter half of 2018 developing some healthier habits upon which I’ve built my business. In the coming weeks, I plan to reset my foundation of positive habits, and I know my work will follow suit.


Exercise is my foundation habit. When I’m exercising consistently, I am happier, healthier, more focused and I have fewer issues with my chronic back pain. While I exercised a few times over the holiday period, I reduced my training frequency. So this week, I’ll be back on the bike 3-4 days, and I’ll complete 1-2 strength training sessions. I’ll prioritise my training, and regardless of how much work I’ve completed, I’ll stop and train at my scheduled time.


I’m intolerant to a long list of foods, many of which I indulged in over Christmas. My arch nemesis is wheat, and late last year I was consistently avoiding wheat at least 6 days per week. Over the last few weeks, I’ve been lucky to scrape together two wheat-free days. I’ll admit, it’s completely my choice to have eaten so much wheat, and I take full responsibility for the consequences. However, I know it’s making me feel awful.

So, late last week I wrote a dinner menu and went grocery shopping. The fridge is now packed full of fresh produce, and I’ve committed to having home cooked meals every day for the coming fortnight. Half of those meals are vegan or vegetarian, as in an experiment late last year, my partner and I both realised we feel better when we eat less meat.

Rest & Relaxation.

I started a part-time job as a cycle courier in November 2018. It’s a lot of fun and it’s certainly improved my training consistency, however, I found myself booking shifts whenever I could get them. As a result, my habit of prioritising at least one day per weekend for something non-work related has fallen by the wayside.

As the busy period is now over, I’ve committed to only taking courier shifts during the week so I can maintain my habit of healthy weekends. As of this weekend, I’ll be back on track, spending at least one day out of the house doing something fun. Then I’ll spend the other resting and relaxing.


I’ve always struggled with getting up in the morning. I find it especially difficult now I work from home and I don’t have to get up at a particular time. However, I know it’s better for me when I get up earlier because I can complete focused work while the house it quiet.

Over the last two weeks, I found myself moving from waking at around 8 am, to sleeping in until 9 or 10 am. Unfortunately, I feel this may take a while to reset. But, I’m ok with that. As I said, I don’t have to get up early.

So for now, my main goal right now is to give myself a break when it comes to what time I wake up. Providing I’m completing productive work when I’m sitting at my laptop, it doesn’t matter if I start at 7 am or 9 am.


Last week I mapped out my goals for 2019 and identified the corresponding high-ROI tasks for the first quarter of this year. Each day when I sit at my computer, I know what I have to do to move my business forward. The key will be to have the grit and determination to complete this list, even on days when I don’t feel like doing so.

To support me in developing my consistency, I’ve just started working intensively with a mentor. I’ve finally realised I don’t have to do this alone.

Onwards and upwards.

As you can see, my plan is not perfect. I also don’t plan to tackle all of my habits at the same time as I know that’s a recipe for disaster. Instead, I’m going to focus on small improvements in consistency with the easiest healthy habits, because I know that’s where I’m more likely to succeed. I also know those habits are the foundation of my life healthy entrepreneur running a thriving business.

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