How having a ‘thinking spot’ can improve your writing.

by Tara Fitness

A couple of afternoons a week, I trudge upstairs to my bedroom with my leather-bound journal in one hand and a cuppa in the other. I walk straight to the window and set my things on the window sill. It sits perfectly positioned above the heater to keep me warm through the cold British winter, while the sill stands at a perfect height to rest my elbows.

From my vantage point, I can watch the world go by. Out the front of our house, people walk by, pulling their coats tight as the wind pushes against them. Cyclists pedal hard up the deceptively difficult hill, navigating around parked cars as impatient drivers rush past them, far to close for comfort.

Beyond the road sits a wall, and behind that, an oasis in the city. From my window, I can see dogs chasing each other around the park while their owners chat.

Above this scene, I watch the clouds roll by as the sun sets in the distance until it’s lost behind the houses across the road, and eventually, the horizon.

This, my friends, is my thinking spot.

Sometimes I’ll read or play music, and jot down notes as they come to me. Other days, I’ll stand and watch the world go by. Either way, the time I spend standing at the window is a time I consciously set aside for thinking and creating new ideas. I only allow myself to walk away once I’ve written 13 new ideas on the page.

Honestly, some of the ideas are awful. Others form part or all of every email, blog post and offer I have within my business.

Because I make time for idea creation, when I need to write an email or blog post, all I have to do is open my journal and read through a page or two. It’s all there, hours worth of thinking time, listed as a succinct set of bullet points, ready to be lifted off the page and moulded into something great.

Sure, I could think elsewhere. To be fair, in summer, I move to a chair in the garden. But I find that, like having a spot to write, ideas flow naturally when I walk to my thinking spot and rest my elbows on the window sill. At first, it was difficult. Now, it’s a habit that brings me benefits every time I complete it.

That’s why ‘thinking time’ has its own special spot in the house, and appointment in my diary. Because without ideas, there is no writer. And without a writer, I have no business.

Do you make time and space for thinking?

Oh, you don’t have time?

I never used to either until I made a conscious effort to remove the unnecessary ‘busy’ tasks from my daily routine, and only focus on tasks that bring a high return on my investment.

When you download ‘The Stress-Free Success Toolkit’, I’ll teach you the exact strategies I used to level up my business (and income) while offloading a truck tonne of stress and responsibility, so you can book an hour in your calendar every day to spend it in your ‘thinking spot’. Enter your details below to get your free copy.

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