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by Tara Fitness

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Do you ever get stumble upon a great new blog, browsing post after post, thinking to yourself ‘this is awesome, I’m definitely coming back here…


So you bookmark the page, fully committing to return. But life gets busy. You find yourself distracted by your Facebook feed, new Instagram stories and all of those notifications.


Months go by, and one day, as you find yourself scrolling for the bookmark of that super tasty potato salad recipe you made for your sisters birthday bbq… you stumble upon that awesome blog again.


It’s an endless cycle… you try to commit, but you simply can’t keep up when you have to constantly return to check for new content.


If only there was a better way…


Of course, there is…


and that ‘better way’ is to create a free Bloglovin’ account and follow my blog. While you’re there, feel free to follow all the blogs you like so you end up with a carefully chosen group of blog posts to read whenever you like.


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