This is why you don’t have time for self-care.

by Tara Fitness

If you had time for self-care, what’s the one thing you’d want to do?

Maybe it’s exercise, reading more, learning a language or spending more time with family.


Why aren’t you doing it?

Of course, you “don’t have time”.

Let me get this straight…

You’re reading a blog, scrolling your news feed or kicking’ it on LinkedIn… yet you don’t have time for self-care?

I call bullshit.

Your endless loop of ‘I don’t have time’ creates an excuse not to do these things, even though you want to do them because it’s easier to complain that you’re not doing them than make changes so you can.

Before you get the wrong idea, I’m not one of those arseholes who tell you to sort out your life when they’re rich and can pay people to free up their time.

I’m a regular, below-average small business owner who, just 3 months ago, felt the same as you – overworked and overwhelmed.

The difference between you and I – I got the hell outta dodge.


Without even knowing it, I used Leb Babauta’s ‘one goal’ rule. I was reading his book ‘The Power of Less’ last week, and I realised I’d been implementing his ‘one goal’ rule. Baubauta recommends focusing on ONE goal at a time. And that’s not one business goal, one personal goal, one relationship goal… he means one single goal.

Since June, when I closed my online fitness business, my one goal has been to bring exercise back into my life. Above all else, my priority was to build up to training 3-4 days per week, a combination of strength training and cycling.

For the last 4 months, exercise has been the unfuckwithable event in my calendar. Every other puzzle piece in my life, be it work or personal, has been slotted in around the corner pieces of exercise.

And guess what? I now exercise consistently 3-4 days per week, a feat I was unable to achieve for the final 12 months of running my online fitness business. In hindsight, my business was my number one priority, my one goal. It was a subconscious choice that pushed me to the brink of burnout.

When I closed my fitness business, I flipped the table and watched the puzzle pieces fly. Then I cleaned the table and put back a single piece at a time, starting with the corners. I made a conscious decision that exercise would form the foundations of my life.

More recently, I’ve switched my focus. I’m confident I’ve achieved my exercise goal, so now I’m putting complete focus on my writing. My one goal is to write 500 words every workday until it becomes a habit. I wouldn’t say it’s a habit yet, but it’s getting there, I can feel it.

The secret to finding time for self-care.

Whether it’s conscious or subconscious, what’s the one goal you’re devoting your time to right now?

Got it?

Now ask yourself, is this the one goal you want to be prioritising?

If not, choose another.

Like exercising…

Like spending more time with family…

Like painting, or photography or writing…

Identify the tasks you need to complete to achieve that goal.

Then every single day, actively pursue it.

Hint: If you want to prioritise self-care, your one goal has to be self-care related.

Cold Hard Truth: If you choose a goal that isn’t self-care related, remember, you aren’t just choosing to pursue another goal, you’re choosing not to prioritise your self-care.

What’s your new ONE GOAL?

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