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Do You Know the Nutbush? | Tara Fitness

Do You Know the Nutbush?

by Tara Fitness

I cannot dance. At every event where there’s dancing, people literally have to drag me onto the dance floor. Once they get me there, I’m so worried about how awful I look, I can’t enjoy myself.

But when the Nutbush comes on, suddenly, I’m transformed from baby in the corner to Patrick Swayze! Footloose and fancy-free.

In typical Aussie style, we’ve shortened it from Nutbush City Limits to The Nutbush.

You know the song by Tina Turner, right? Well, back in A’straya, we’ve got our own special dance to go with it. I thought everyone knew it… turns out, here in the UK, they think I’m a nutter when I bust it out. If you don’t know what I’m on about, it’s a bit like the Macarena, but loads better.

Anyway, like any Aussie who was forced to learn the dance in Primary School, when the sweet sounds of the unmistakable beat fill my ears, I can’t help myself. I’ve Nutbushed on the dance floor, in the car, on the lounge, at work, at weddings… it doesn’t matter where you are, you have to do The Nutbush when you hear it. Even when you’re in a place where it’s completely inappropriate to bust it out in full, you do a miniature, kind of subdued version. It’s the rules.

It might seem weird that I’m completely useless and overwhelmingly anxious when it comes to dancing, yet I can dance The Nutbush in my sleep with surging confidence. But there’s one thing about The Nutbush that’s different to most other dancing… there’s rules, steps, a plan. Once you know The Nutbush, you work through the 16 or so steps, clap your hands while you jump-turn 90 degrees, then you start again. No making it up as you go along, no stressing about what your next move will be. You literally walk onto the dance floor and tap, kick and clap your way through the entire song.

Dancing to The Nutbush is a lot like how I run my business.

Every day I get up, open my to-do list, and work through the three tasks I know will bring me the highest return on my investment (both in terms of finances and time). Like the steps to The Nutbush give me confidence on the dance floor, understanding my high-ROI tasks and completing them day in, day out gives me the confidence I’ll be putting food on the table this month and my business will continue to grow into next month and beyond.

It wasn’t always like this.

Before I took the time to identify my high-ROI tasks and implement them daily, I felt like I’d been dragged onto the dance floor of my business and I couldn’t dance to save myself. Understandably, my business was performing as well as I would on Dancing with the Stars (a.k.a. voted off after round 1).


–> spending truckloads of time on social media, posting consistently, engaging with leads and still not getting clients…

→ blogging, blogging, blogging my heart out, but nobody was visiting my site to read my posts; and

→ clutching at different dance routines success secrets, hoping it might be the key to making my business work.

Unfortunately, it didn’t work. It wasn’t until I got myself a decent routine that things starting turning around, a lot like a 90-degree jump turn with clap.

If you’re dancing without a routine, you’re putting your business in the hands of the judges.

Take it back. When you download The Stress-Free Success Toolkit, worksheet 3 will take you through 3 simple steps to identify the high-ROI tasks you should be completing every day to take you from Anxious Annie to Confident Connie in no time.

Tap your way to your free download by entering your details below.

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