The Dark Side of Weight Loss…

by Tara Fitness

Changing your life and improving your health is mostly amazing… but there are a few things that make it really tough to be happy with your new habits. Keep reading to learn about the dark side of weight loss…

1. Once you’ve cracked the code of eating slowly, you’re often the last one sitting at the table. Everyone stares at you, fingers tapping on the side of the table, even reaching over to steal food off your plate because they want dessert… and they’re waiting on you.

2. Speaking of desert, it doesn’t come straight after dinner anymore. It’s like an extra meal that happens 2 hours after the main… your tiny tummy just can’t fit a slab of apple pie on top of a roast dinner anymore.

3. Now you’re eating slowly, you’re naturally eating less. But your favourite restaurant didn’t get the memo. You order a simple steak and veggies think you’ll be safe, but no… you get half a cow and a paddock full of veggies on your plate.

When you finish eating it looks like you put the plate on the floor and gave the restaurant mice a crack at your dinner — maybe you should have, it would have been less embarrassing to send back so much food if they’d helped.

4. Takeaway food is the same. You order a burger and fries because you can’t have a burger without fries. But you get halfway through the burger, sample a few chips, and you’re done.

You think about saving the leftovers for tomorrows lunch, but about 3 bites in you realise your habits have changed, and a greasy, saucy burger simply doesn’t cut the mustard anymore.

5. You’ve been good for a while now, so you decide it’s time for a tasty treat. At the shopping centre, you make a beeline for the Krispy Kreme store — “A dozen glazed doughnuts please”. You eat the first one and feel like your teeth are instantly decaying after the sugar frenzy.

But you persevere, eating the second one because that’s what you used to do. 15 minutes later you’ve got a migraine because this baby can’t handle sugar anymore, and the sugar overload has gone straight to your head.

6. Speaking of things going straight to your head, half a bottle of wine puts you under the table these days. And the hangover… you’re not sure if it’s the sugar or the alcohol, but whatever it is, you’re never drinking again.

7. I can’t believe I haven’t talked about training yet, because you do that every day now. Reaching for a glass in the cupboard, walking up the stairs, scratching your back, sitting on the toilet, getting back up off the toilet… these simple tasks just became more difficult than climbing Mt Everest.

Muscle pain is now your friend, your best friend. He’s there in the morning when you wake up, she’s there in the evening when you go to bed, when you sit down, stand up, turn around… he’s never leaving you, ever!

So, there you have it… the dark side of weight loss. Next time you’re thinking of starting a new weight loss plan, think long and hard about it and be sure you’re making the right decision.

Lol just kidding, you should do it.

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