Consistency Trumps Perfection.

by Tara Fitness
Email Marketing

Rewind to 2017. I used to agonise over every email I sent my list. I’d worry if it was good enough, if I was likely to offend someone or if I’d screwed it up so badly I’d send everyone scrambling for the unsubscribe list the minute I let it loose.

In hindsight, I seriously overestimated the value of a single email.

Most people just don’t care that much. They’re busy checking a bunch of emails in their box, and mine was just one of them.

If they loved it so much it rocked their world, I might get a reply.

If they hated it so much they wanted to punch me in the face, they might scroll to the bottom and say ‘bye bye’ for good.

But mostly, they’d skim, delete and move on to the next message in their bottle… if they even opened it in the first place.

This lesson has been invaluable for me because it now shapes my email strategy.

Rather than chasing a type of perfection that, in reality, I would never be able to achieve… I focus on tapping a few keys, pulling something together and getting it out… every damn day.

And wouldn’t you know it, more about 15-20% more people are opening and reading my ramblings. Double the number of people are clicking my links. And my stress and anxiety around email has disappeared in a puff of smoke.

Need some help with consistency? Tap the link below to find out how I can take the reins of your emails, and make you as consistent as Makybe Diva at the Melbourne Cup.

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