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2 Must-Read Books For Freelancers. | Tara Fitness

2 Must-Read Books For Freelancers.

by Tara Fitness
The Power of Less

A little over 2 years ago, in a quaint little book store in the Melbourne CBD, a book caught my eye. The idea didn’t make sense to me, but because I was in the midst of building an online business, I figured it was worth a read.

The following day, I started scouring through the book. The further into it I got, the less I understood it. Eventually, I gave up, leaving the bookmark to live a lonely life on page three hundred and ninety-four.

A little while later, a mentor recommended another book. He said the book changed the way he looked at everything in both his business and personal life. I found it on Amazon for under a tenner, so I ordered it.

books for freelancers

In contrast to the first, I devoured the second book in a day.

It was packed full of such simplicity… so simple I’d been neglecting to do much of what the book discussed. A measly 27 pages in, I committed to simplifying my life and I’ve been working at it ever since – that was the power of this manuscript.

The book?

The Power of Less by Leo Babauta.

It’s, by far, the best lesson in simplicity I have ever read. No matter your issue (struggling to build a business, lose weight, make time for self-care or a plethora of others) this book will lay out a strategy for you to FINALLY do the work you need to do to achieve your goals.

If I had to read one book, and only one, for the rest of my life… this is the book I would choose.

You can find out why, here → https://amzn.to/2MV1Va3

The second book…

Well, I picked it up again after reading The  Power of Less. Suddenly, and completely without warning, it all made sense. It’s like I tried taking the course without completing the prerequisites. But once I had, the puzzle came together right before my eyes. The book?

The 4-Hour Work Week by Tim Ferris.

Now I will admit, I still can’t entirely fathom only working 4 hours per week. But once I’d learnt the basics of simplicity from Leo Babauta, suddenly many of Tim Ferris’ ideas seemed like a possibility.

And while I’ll likely never work only 4 hours per week, I am consistently reducing my working hours.

The results of the best books for freelancers:

I create better work for my clients and I live a better life.

It’s a win, win all around.

So if you’re looking to level up your life, read Leo’s book first, then get your copy of Tim’s book here → https://amzn.to/32vTYvO

To The Power of Less!

P.S. These are affiliate links so I will get a few cents commission if you purchase these books. If you don’t want to use these links, simply Google the books and they’ll come up. If you do choose to buy through my links, I thank you in advance. Every penny counts.

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