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3 Ways to Add More Exercise to Your Life | Tara Fitness

3 Ways to Add More Exercise to Your Life

by Tara Fitness

It can be tough to maintain a consistent exercise routine, especially when you’re working a full-time job, have a house to run, perhaps children to look after and a social life and hobbies you’d like to devote a lot more time to.

While it’s important to exercise regularly if you want to live a fit and healthy life, there are times when life just gets in the way. Here are a few strategies for adding a little exercise to your life when you’re struggling to find time for a dedicated training session.

​​Walk or cycle to work

If you live close to work, walk. If you don’t work but you have children, walk your kids to school. Now before you tell me you live too far away from work/school, I totally understand this, I’ve had to travel at least 30 minutes to work for most of my career. Drive or get public transport some of the way, but park 15 mins away or get off the bus/train a few stops earlier. Don’t have time in the mornings? Set your alarm and get up 15 minutes earlier. It’ll take a little time to get used to, but after a couple of weeks, you’ll find yourself looking forward to your morning walk.


Take your pets for a walk

Walk the dog, walk the cat, walk the budgie. If you don’t have one, get one. If you can’t get one, borrow one. Seriously… watching your beautiful puppy get super excited because you put your shoes on (whether you’re going walking or not) can be enough to motivate you to get out there for a walk. You’re no longer walking for yourself, you’re walking for your baby. Here’s my boy Benji … how could you resist a face like that?


Skip the lift, take the stairs

So this one is pretty simple but what if I don’t have stairs at work? That’s ok… how many places do you go every week that do have stairs? Think the grocery store, a shopping centre, the doctor’s surgery or a meeting in another office. Still no stairs? No worries. When you go to these places, carry your stuff. Don’t use a trolley in the supermarket unless you have to. Don’t put your work files in a roller bag. Carry them, and make your body do a little extra work every day.

Bonus tip: have kids?

Be an active participant in their sports training. Does your child swim in a squad? You’re often there anyway, so why not walk laps up and down (or around) the pool or jump in and go for a swim yourself. Does your child play ball sports like footy, cricket or netball? Offer to stand in during drills by throwing the ball, holding pads or picking up stray balls. Even ask the coach if they’d like some help. There are so many opportunities for you to add a little extra movement into your day. Sure, this won’t make up for consistent, planned exercise where you get your heart pumping and muscles moving, but it’s a great place to start when you want to build a healthier lifestyle.

So what are you waiting for… start adding a little exercise to your life today!


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Originally published at www.tarafitnesspersonaltraining.co.uk on 17-Oct-2017.

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