3 simple productivity tips for when you’re struggling to get motivated.

by Tara Fitness

It’s 27 days into 2019 and I’m slightly ashamed to admit, I’m still struggling with post-holiday fatigue. I’ve had three whole weeks to sort this shit out, and it’s just not happening so far.  How is it that a simple two-week break can shatter all the healthy, productive habits that were working so well last year?

Nutrition… struggling.

Fitness… struggling.

Getting out of bed on time… seriously struggling.

But the thing that’s frustrating me the most is writing. You see, last year I set myself a daily goal to write 500 words. Now admittedly, I didn’t write every day, but I felt like I’d developed a pretty solid writing habit. Enough to kick it up a notch in 2019, anyway. So this year, I’ve committed to writing 2000 words a day…

*Cue a wave of laughter like the crowd at a comedy concert after the best joke of the night.*

Jokes aside, I am confident I’ll pull myself out of this lull. If you’re struggling to get moving in 2019 too, take my simple productivty tips and see how they work for you.

1. Record your work.

For the last 3 months of 2018, I tracked my habits with the Coach.me app. I kept it simple, focusing on waking up on time, writing 500 words a day, avoiding wheat (I’m intolerant) and exercising 3 days per week.

In 2019, I’m using the same app but when it comes to writing, I’ve improved my tracking system. I set up a spreadsheet for the year, and each workday (Monday to Friday) I record my word count. Admittedly, I haven’t achieved my goals every day this year but I am sitting at about 50% of my goal for January.

It’s not perfect, but I don’t expect it to be. I do, however, expect to gain an understanding of my writing flow, and slowly build on my results so, in a few months time, I’m getting closer and closer to my monthly writing goal.

2. Change your environment.

This tip has been a life saver for me in 2019. I’ve set myself a new rule – one bad day means I need a change of scenery the following day. As a result, I’ve been moving around the house when I write.

Take today for example – I’m currently sitting on the lounge covered in a fluffy blanket, a chihuaha and a ragdoll. I chose this spot today because it’s freezing outside – like literally frosty – and my office doesn’t have carpet. So on days like today, I know writing in there is a sure fire way to get frostbite.

Other days you’ll find me sitting in bed, typing away (under the covers, of course). While it’s not entirely ergonomic, it also solves the *freezing* problem and the view out the window is a little different to other rooms in the house.

In a more drastic move, I’ve also been visiting a cafe or two of late. The complete change of scenery seems to kick start my motivation to get shit done and someone else makes the coffee – bonus! I have a few favourite haunts in town, so I’ll continue to scatter them throughout my weeks to ensure I keep the motivation high.

3. Get a mentor.

For the first time ever, I’m working with a mentor – well, two actually. Not a ‘buy my course’ style either. I literally jump on the phone with my mentors every Friday and we talk through my week. I discuss what’s troubling me, rave about my successes and together, we plan my high-ROI tasks for the coming week.

It’s unbelievable how motivating it is to have someone who truly believes in your ability to succeed. It’s also nice to have someone who, to some extent, holds you accountable. Even though I know I won’t be getting wrapped across the knuckles if I don’t complete what I said I would, and I know it’s only my business that suffers, it’s still nice having someone who I respect to check in with… someone who I don’t want to disappoint.

4. BONUS: Give yourself a break.

This is less of a productivity tip and more of a mental health tip.

This year I’m trying to be a little less hard on myself because everybody has bad days and nobody can work at 100% all the time. Rather than beat myself up when I’m having a bad day, I’m trying to rest, relax and commit to achieving more tomorrow.

So far it’s working well as I’m seeing every day as an opportunity to build both my business and my self-care routines. There has to be a balance, and I’m still working out what that looks like for me. I think being kind to myself is a good place to start.

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