3 Breakthrough Tasks You Need To Complete In The First 3 Months of Your Small Business.

by Tara Fitness

As an online fitness business owner, one of my greatest challenges was finding enough time to get my work done. So much so, I stopped prioritising my training and nutrition, which ultimately contributed to my decision to close my business.

Early on, I was hesitant to invest in my business, preferring to invest in education. In 2016, I completed a copywriting course that promised to ‘fill my client list’. In 2017, I invested in the Online Trainer Academy then Precision Nutrition Level 1. If I’m honest, I didn’t get a financial return on my investment for any of these courses. Between the three, I paid out close to $3000.

When I did pay for tasks to be completed, like many coaches, I got burnt. I spent a few thousand dollars over a 12-month period on a website that brought in no – read, zero – leads. I worked with a social media manager for months and got a few extra followers, but no new clients. More recently, I spent over a thousand dollars on a copywriter for a sales page that brought in zero sales.

While all of these experiences were valuable; lessons don’t pay the bills. Huge outlay for very little return… I’m sure you’re sensing the other reason why I chose to close my business.

If I started my small business again…

Over the last three years, I’ve learned a hell of a lot about online business. I didn’t know what a sales funnel was, let alone have any idea how to build one. I’m not sure I’d ever received an email sequence – if I had, I didn’t know it. I certainly couldn’t build a website… I know, I tried. I was winging it, learning as I went. If I had the choice to go back to the beginning, I would learn it all again.

But, in hindsight, I’d invest earlier. Although, I wouldn’t invest in an expensive website or a social media manager to post quotes on my Instagram. I’d do this, instead…

Step 1: Follow a step-by-step guide to building a WordPress Blog.

I tried building a website on Wix… it was terrible. I knew nothing about design or copywriting, I simply dragged and dropped until something ugly came together. I was so ashamed of the site, I eventually paid someone to build me a new one.

Initially, I was happy with my very expensive piece of internet real estate as it was leaps and bounds ahead of my old site. But in time, as I learned more about Google rankings and SEO, I started to wonder why I was paying $90 per month for a site that wasn’t bringing me leads, despite blogging regularly and consistently sharing the posts on social media.

If I were starting today, I’d forgo the expensive website and follow a step-by-step guide to building my a WordPress site (like this guide to building your blog in just 5 days). I’d start with a great template and effectively fill in the blanks. For under $150 you can purchase a domain, 12 months hosting and a quality theme. Then after a week or so’s work, you have a website you can be proud of. As for the money I saved by building my own site, I’d invest it in quality content and advertising.

Step 2: Write (or hire a ghostwriter to write) 3-5 high quality, SEO’d blog posts for your website.

When I started out, I knew I needed to write blog posts. But I was stuck in analysis paralysis. I worried people wouldn’t read my blog or worse; they’d read it and hate it. In hindsight, very few people read my early posts so I wasted six months worrying when I should have been writing.

So, what if you’re an awful writer?

Firstly… write. The only way you’ll get better is if you sit with being bad for a while and write anyway.

Alternatively, record videos or create a podcast.

You have to create some content that’ll be the cornerstone of your blog. Personally, I like to write, and I prefer to read. So, I stick with traditional blog posting. But choose what works for you.

But what if you’re completely overwhelmed with coaching clients, building your website, creating social media content and still trying to find time to have a life?

Hire a ghostwriter.

A what?

A ghostwriter is a professional writer, generally well versed in your topic of interest, which you pay to write blogs for you. Once a ghostwriter submits their work and payment is made, the blog post is yours to keep. The best part; you get to put your name at the bottom of the post.

Ghostwriting is a great option if you’re not a confident writer as you can hire someone to write the ‘cornerstone posts’ for your website. You then link all of your other posts to this cornerstone content, which helps you rank the posts on Google, positioning you as an authority within your market.

If you can’t do the work yourself for whatever reason, invest in a ghostwriter. That way, your website becomes an investment rather than an expense.

Once your cornerstone is complete, you need to get eyes on it.


Step 3: Send traffic to your blog using Facebook Ads

Your blog is useless if nobody reads it. It’s even more useless if nobody knows it exists. Even if you have 500 Facebook friends, it’s still not enough. You have to attract a wider audience. To do this, I use Facebook ads.

For every cornerstone blog post I write, I create a simple ‘traffic’ campaign and spend $1-10 per day to promote my website. You can do the same.

With this small investment, you’re putting your blog and your brand in front of hundreds or even thousands of people who wouldn’t even know it existed if they hadn’t seen it on their Facebook news feed.

Case Study – Bright-Eyed & Bushy-Tailed.

I used this exact strategy to launch this blog. Within 4 weeks, my blog was on page 3 of Google when you search for ‘Tara Fitness’. This happened through promoting a single post with Facebook ads. In less than a month, I had more visits to my site than in the first six months of my previous website.

I spent $1 per day for a total of $25, and 200 people visited my blog. Based on these numbers, I could easily send 1000 new visitors to my blog over the next five months, for less than you’d pay for a daily cup of coffee.

I focused on building a rock solid home base (a.k.a. WordPress website), filling it with high-quality content, then driving traffic to my blog. In doing so, I’ve built a better business in six weeks than I had in the first six months of my online coaching business. With the right strategy, you can do the same.

Do you need help to implement this strategy?

I specialise in Ghost Writing and WordPress Design. It doesn’t matter if your business is a few years old or brand new – I can establish and promote your online brand.

Click here to contact me and tell me a little more about your business. I’ll get back to you as soon as I can, and we’ll discuss how I can help your small business thrive.

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