Trying to build a successful business without sacrificing your relationships, health, fitness, sleep & fun?

If your business is ruining your life ... you need ​a plan to fix things before it's too late.
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When my business wasn't working
I thought I needed to work harder.

Dwindling email list?


Empty client roster and $0 launches?


More cash going out than coming in?



After 3 years of working harder to build an online fitness business, I had nothing to show for it. Sure, I had a fancy website and some cool systems ... but I wasn’t earning enough to cover my costs, let alone put food on the table.

That responsibility fell squarely on my partners shoulders.

I was exhausted and broke!

The gurus tell you a plan is worthless unless you’re taking action to implement.

They fail to mention action is worthless if your plan is wrong.

I took action... I took truckload of it!

I took so much action I ran myself into the ground. I stopped prioritising everything else in my life - relationships, family, exercise, nutrition, sleep, time off and fun.

My whole life revolved around my failing business...

But when you're working so hard and not seeing results, eventually all that action and exhaustion just doesn’t seem worth it anymore. I reached that point in June. I closed the door to my fit biz for the last time, turned on my heels and walked away.

Now I prioritise everything that's important to me...
I run my business in the gaps.

The biggest casualty of my workaholic years was my health and fitness. While I often wanted to go to the gym, I constantly told myself I was '"too busy". As a result, my chronic back pain worsened and I gained weight.

Together, my failing business, pain and weight gain ate away at my self-esteem like it was a bucket of ice cream.

So when I closed my business, I spent two weeks sitting in the garden processing what went wrong. That's when it finally hit me:

I put so much focus on being busy I never stopped to consider if I was being productive.

Sitting in the garden that day, I made a promise to myself.

If I was going to be a successful entrepreneur, I had to figure out how to be productive...

But first, it was time to take my life back.

Here's how I did it:

  • First, I wrote a list of everything in my life that's important.
  • Second, I scheduled those things in my calendar to produce my 'dream week'.
  • Third, I filled the gaps with work tasks - with little time to spare, only the most important tasks made the cut.
  • Finally, I followed my plan to the letter, religiously downing tools whenever it was time to do something important.

I've been following this routine since June 2018 and less than 6 months later...

This November I'm on track for my highest profit ever!

So how does one go from exhausted and broke to productive and profitable in less than 6 months?

Well... you'll have to stick around to get all the details, but I'd highly recommend you start by downloading:

"The 10 Commandments of a Healthy Entrepreneur".

These are the guiding principles of my life as an entrepreneur and they are they building blocks of my new productive life.

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